Saturday, October 23, 2004


At last the saga of verappan came to an END .. when i saw the flash news i was thinking what will happen next..i have already heard that lot of villagers near the sathyamangalm forest revered him as a saint...for them he was more than a saint ..a GODi think. without the help of villagers i dont think veerpappn could have survived . its said veerappan knew every nook and corner of satyamangalm forest...i remember when i was in school we went for an tour to banglore ...and on the way back to ooty we travelled through satyamangalem forest..but at that time veerappan was not causing any troubles to tourist...

anyway nobody knows how he will be remembered by people in futre a Robinhood ? or as a cold blooded mrderer ??..

heres some info about him

I got a funny chain letter by email....its below


Veerappan as his wife called him: Dear-appan.
Veerappan after some of his favourite drink: Beer-appan
Veerappan looking at a naked woman: Leer-appanVeerappan in a good mood: Cheer-appan
Veerappan after making a mess: Clear-appan
Veerappan running like the wind: Deer-appanVeerappan as seen by his victims: Fear-appan
Veerappan driving up a steep hill: Gear-appan
Veerappan climbing up a steep cliff: Sheer-appan
Veerappan after a homosexual encounter: Queer-appan
Veerappan cooking a stew: Stir-appan
Veerappan driving a go-kart: Steer-appan
Veerappan after a hard night’s boozing: Blear-appan
Veerappan the creamed rice-eater: Kheer-appan
Veerappan when you thought he was far away: Near-appan
Veerappan when you thought he was nearby: Here-appan
What Veerappan got when he expected cheers: Jeer-appan
What Veerappan’s cataracts forced him to do: Peer-appan
Veerappan’s idealized shape of feminine pulchritude: Pear-appan
What Veerappan’s spies helped him to do: Hear-appan
Veerappan taking part in the Olympics:(a) In the javelin: Spear-appan
(b) In the archery events: Teer-appan

Veerappan buried and sanctified: Pir-appan.


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one of most wonderfull person ,