Saturday, September 15, 2007

International Symbol for Marriage Approved by UN

United nations approved the international symbol for marriage last month. i think the symbol itself speaks about what marriage is all about.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ostrich Burger

Few days back me and my colleagues went to an unusual fast food center. Yes it was unusual because it served only ostrich food. Ostrich burger, ostrich egg with croissant etc etc.. when i first saw the name "Big Bird" ..i thought it was just a brand name..but when i looked closer i could see the words "kingdoms only ostrich fast food center". and "Big Bird" is their brand name.

When we reached there we could see some ostrich eggs displayed near the delivery counter.

So me and my colleagues tried ostrich burger. ..for me it felt like red meat, i was expecting that it would taste something like chicken. later i came to know that ostrich meat is low in cholesterol.

So if anyone wants to try it, "Big Bird" is in the second floor of "Gosi" shopping mall in exhibition avenue.