Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Day After tomorrow and its consequences

Global warming is going to be a big problem in future(or today itself!!) ..I think that's the message the film "day after tomorrow" gives... although the movie has exaggerated everything ,its worth thinking why should we give importance to global warming.

I remember when I first heard the term global warming. it was from a science magazine ...and actually I was very much interested when I read about it. the one thing which attracted me was that they mentioned that glaciers in the poles of earth will began to melt and will move to oceans ..and they said these big glaciers will wander around the sea without completely melting...I remember imagining a glacier moving around the Arabian sea ...near kochi .....that would have been something very interesting....

anyway I also read that effect of global warming wont happen very soon or suddenly ...but its something which we have to take care about for the better future of our next generation.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Today is sunday .... i will try to go to church today , but not sure ..... here we alwyas attend church on fridays.. we have malayalam mass at 7:00 pm at church... its a nice feeling to attend the mass ..when its in malayalam..a realy good feeling..

Saturday, October 23, 2004


At last the saga of verappan came to an END .. when i saw the flash news i was thinking what will happen next..i have already heard that lot of villagers near the sathyamangalm forest revered him as a saint...for them he was more than a saint ..a GODi think. without the help of villagers i dont think veerpappn could have survived . its said veerappan knew every nook and corner of satyamangalm forest...i remember when i was in school we went for an tour to banglore ...and on the way back to ooty we travelled through satyamangalem forest..but at that time veerappan was not causing any troubles to tourist...

anyway nobody knows how he will be remembered by people in futre ...as a Robinhood ? or as a cold blooded mrderer ??..

heres some info about him http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/crime/criminals/veerappan/

I got a funny chain letter by email....its below


Veerappan as his wife called him: Dear-appan.
Veerappan after some of his favourite drink: Beer-appan
Veerappan looking at a naked woman: Leer-appanVeerappan in a good mood: Cheer-appan
Veerappan after making a mess: Clear-appan
Veerappan running like the wind: Deer-appanVeerappan as seen by his victims: Fear-appan
Veerappan driving up a steep hill: Gear-appan
Veerappan climbing up a steep cliff: Sheer-appan
Veerappan after a homosexual encounter: Queer-appan
Veerappan cooking a stew: Stir-appan
Veerappan driving a go-kart: Steer-appan
Veerappan after a hard night’s boozing: Blear-appan
Veerappan the creamed rice-eater: Kheer-appan
Veerappan when you thought he was far away: Near-appan
Veerappan when you thought he was nearby: Here-appan
What Veerappan got when he expected cheers: Jeer-appan
What Veerappan’s cataracts forced him to do: Peer-appan
Veerappan’s idealized shape of feminine pulchritude: Pear-appan
What Veerappan’s spies helped him to do: Hear-appan
Veerappan taking part in the Olympics:(a) In the javelin: Spear-appan
(b) In the archery events: Teer-appan

Veerappan buried and sanctified: Pir-appan.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gods Must Be Crazy

I rented the movie "god must be crazy" yesterday .... a hilarious comedy...i rember that when i was a kid i have seen that..i have seen the second part also...a realy good entertainer. i would say movies should be like that only.

the story is somewhat like this ...in the deeps of kalahari desert in africa lives bush men... a very much tribal people ..they are some what like primitve hunters... they live in small groups..hunt for the day..have a simple social life... eat - drink - mate - sleep ..so simple ...they dont have any law..religion ....they are not binded by anything related to a society.. one day the "hero" of this movie ...?? or main charachter ?? ..saw a strange thing coming from sky...(actualy a bottle ..a pilot flying above the kalahari desert throwed a bottle down through his planes window. ). he took to to his family. they began to use as a tool for several purpose ...from playaing music to grinding seeds.. but as it was the only one avalibe in that community, argument and fighting for the bottle begins .....so our hero plans to go to the end of the earth so that he can through it down..and he starts the journey..........from there story begins ....

if anyone get a chance to see the movie...dont miss it.....

u can read a review from here http://www.imdb.com/Title?0080801

Monday, October 18, 2004

DVD NTSC Problem

Bad news for me .......

i went to the SONY dealer and told them that am having the B/W problem with my DVD when am playing some hollywood movies.....the reply was not good. they said some of the DVD's are coming in a particluar format (NTSC 3.5 ..or above).. ..most of the hollywood movies are in that format..only new TV's support that color system. ..mine is an old tv.... it doesnt support that...so its time to buy a new TV ...no no..am not going to buy so soon ....i dont want to change my TV just becasue my TV doesnt support a particular color system....anyway be happy with what u have...

Five finger prayer

Today i got an intersting article...an article which will help us to better our way of praying....

its below

1. Your thumb is nearest you, so begin praying forthose closest to you. They are the easiest to remember. C. S. Lewis once said praying for our lovedonces is "a sweet duty".

2. The next finger is the pointing finger. Pray for those who teach, instruct and heal. This includes teachers, doctors and ministers. They need support and wisdom in pointing others in the right direction. Keep them in your prayers.

3. The next finger is the tallest finger. It remindsus of our leaders. Pray for the president, leaders inbusiness, industry, and administrators. These people shape our nation and guide public opinion. They need God's guidance.

4. The fourth finger is our ring finger. Surprisingto many is the fact that this is our weakest finger,as any piano teacher will testify. It should remindus to pray for those who are weak, in trouble or inpain. They need your prayers day and night. Youcannot pray too much for them.

5. Lasly comes our little finger - the smallest finger of all. This is where we should place ourselves in relation
to God and others. As the Biblesays, " the least shall be the greatest among you." Your pinky should remind you to pray for yourself.

Praying for the other four groups first will put your own needs into proper perspective and eable you to pray for yourselv more effectively!

realy nice right :)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ramadan started

The holy month of Ramdan (from the Arabic root word ramida, meaning intense heat and dryness) started yesterday. all muslims will be fasting from dawn to desk , except children and sick people ...and there will be "iftar" paties at evening. .according to islamic belief ramadan is the month during which the first verses of the Quran, was revealed by God through the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Mohammed in 610 A.D. the ramadan fasting is for around 29 - 30 days ..its based on lunar calender(hijra calender). the end of ramadan is called Eid al-Fitr, literally, "the Festival of Breaking the Fast." Homes are adorned with lights and decorations, treats are given to children, and visits with friends and family mark this time....

my duty time also changed. now its from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm without lunch break. i like this new timing..u can go home early . thats something very good.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sunday, October 10, 2004

DVD collected from store

i went to ASHRAFS store and collected the DVD ... played some movies...ooops the DVD movie is appearing balck and white..no idea what happend ?? will the dvd will be faulty ?? ...hope its something else which can be rectified my myslef ...will try that again tommorw.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


friday... went to church at morning..am a member of hospitality ministry so i usually go for 9:00 am mass everyfiriday to help people. its a very good experience. although i have to walk around 30 minutes to reach church it gives me intense happiness when i help people.

as usual , we ordered the traditional kerala oonu(meal) from sangeetha restaurant. my uncle loves traditional kerala food. so nowadays we order kerala food on fridays.

didnt went to church at evening... had some works to do....

Friday, October 08, 2004

bought a Sony DVD player

Purchased a sony DVD player from ASHRAFS. a good one i believe. can play MP3 , DVD, VCD, etc etc ... so i think it will be worth its price(BD 37.000, which is $100) . alhtough i pruchsed it i didnt got the product in my hand. its out of stock. they have asked me to come on saturday to collect it..mmmm anyway as the showroom is near my flat its ok for me. i can collect it from their store on saturday.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

not feeling well ..still went for a party

Yesterday i wasnt feeling well at all . cold and mild fever. took a tablet and got some relief. i know how i got cold . last friday when i was attending the malayalam mass there was this guy sitting next to me and sneezing all the time ...that too without covering his nose with handkerchief. several times i felt to leave the church ..yeah it was that much horrible . everybody was looking at him . but he was cool. once he gave a look at me and i could understand what he meant by that strange look "i have cold, and i will sneeze, any problem ?" that was like mind reading ..mmmmmm anyway i didnt left the seat ..i coudnt find any other seat ,the church was too crowded. so i had bear it...and now i have cold!.

a thought came to my mind ...what that person had done is right or wrong ?? what i did was right or wrong ..i should have moved from there.. right ???. but why that person came to church although he had svere cold ? ..may be he have lot of problems and he just wanted to tell that to his lord?? ..

Biju arranged a party yesterday ...he got his visa stamped ..he was waiting for that for long time .. i could see the happiness in his face :) ..we gathered at a restaurant nearby to church. i forgot the name of the restauarnat.. an indian one..good one . had an awsome dinner ..murgi mugalai, ginger chicken, fish masala, prawn masala, mutton mugalai ..we cracked jokes..it was realy fun... enjoyed the evening.

that was a good day ..after a days hectic work. i got some relief..but at night after my prayers i began to think about my brother and his interview at infosys..will he get a job there ?? ..

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


mmmmmm at last i too have a blog on this cyber world :) ..will it be something which i use to post regulalry ?? ..no idea ...wait and seee...