Sunday, July 23, 2006

For Those Who Work On Computer

Hope the below sketches will be useful for people who use computer at work.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mallu Rhymes

I got some mallu rhymes.... cool ones...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is why Zidane shown redcard....

Matterazi : Ormayundooooo ee mugam ??? (suresh gopi style)

Whaammmmmmm. (Head-butt)

Zidane : enikoru mannamkattayum ormayilla

Red card & off the field. [:D]

Matterazi : nee poo money dineshaaaa (mohanlal style)

Whaammmmmmm. (Head-butt)

Zidane : savari giri giri

Red card & off the field. [:D]
Matterazi : enikoru zinadine zidane kitiyirunekil......avaney njan dribble cheythu veezthiyeney (Jayan style)

Whaammmmmmm. (Head-butt)

Zidane : poda

Red card & off the field. [:D]

Monday, July 03, 2006

Picture Tag - Tagged by alexis

I was tagged by Alexis Leon... a picture Tag :)

so here it is

1. Amithabh Bhachan

Comment: Yevan Puliyanu kettooo..puli...verum puli alla...SIMHAM :)..i dont think anybody will be able to be a superstar twice in his life.... amithabh bahcan was the super hero in the 70's and now also he can be called a hero. his acting career will never have an end. am sure he will be able to do lot more movies.

2. poor me :(

Comment: am sure i wont be able to do it.. i can just go around the swimming pool ..this happend last month also... my friends and me enjoyed a day at a place called "Holiday villa".. a nice place to have fun and frolic...evening everybody jumped into the swimmingpool and was having a nice time...and poor me was taking some photos and watching them enjoy swimming....yeah in the above photo its me :((

3. love at first sight
Appenzell, Switzerland

Comment:I saw a photo of this town and instantly fell in love with the town...its a small country side..a silent and calm place... should i tell u more about it ?.just see the photo

4. stone age buddies

Flintstones a big fan of those Hi-tech-stong-age fellows..the perfect husbands..perfect friends...not just that i like them , am big fan of these guys. Fred-wilma, Barney and betty.. thier modern-stone age tools are super ex: the alarm bird, car wash
elephant, scissor stroke...all of them are superb. i used to think about the guys behind the series , they are really talented. but i would have to say that the flintstone moviies were not that good :( ...they coudnt portray the the flintstones properly in the thats my random favourite.. let me listen to the theme song... "Flintstones, meet the flintstones , they are the modern stone-age famillyyyy......".................END.......WILMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(fred shouting).

5. I was tagged by Alexis Leon

check his post :) with some amazing photoshop works ;)