Monday, July 14, 2008

Internet influencing our life... even for old people

Worlds oldest blogger died today. She was 108.

It was a big surprise for me when i came to know that the 108 year old lady was a regular blogger since 2007.

After all the old generation is slowly catching up with the new generation in terms of Internet and related stuff. Lot of old people(is that term correct!!!) are using net for several purposes. I personally know a person who is in his 80's and use internet to search information. He starts his day by reading newspapers online.

I believe everyone is very eager to be the part of Internet revolution. Early it was just computer which was in our house, but now its the computer with internet connectivity which has made the difference. And this information superhighway has become a part of our daily life. Last week when i paid my electricity bill through internet, i was thinking how the internet has become integral part of our life.

Internet is influencing our lives...Its crawling more and more into your personal life. ..I hope it will be for good and good only.

Link to Worlds oldest blogger's site

if its not opening you can try this link also