Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Day After tomorrow and its consequences

Global warming is going to be a big problem in future(or today itself!!) ..I think that's the message the film "day after tomorrow" gives... although the movie has exaggerated everything ,its worth thinking why should we give importance to global warming.

I remember when I first heard the term global warming. it was from a science magazine ...and actually I was very much interested when I read about it. the one thing which attracted me was that they mentioned that glaciers in the poles of earth will began to melt and will move to oceans ..and they said these big glaciers will wander around the sea without completely melting...I remember imagining a glacier moving around the Arabian sea ...near kochi .....that would have been something very interesting....

anyway I also read that effect of global warming wont happen very soon or suddenly ...but its something which we have to take care about for the better future of our next generation.

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