Thursday, October 07, 2004

not feeling well ..still went for a party

Yesterday i wasnt feeling well at all . cold and mild fever. took a tablet and got some relief. i know how i got cold . last friday when i was attending the malayalam mass there was this guy sitting next to me and sneezing all the time ...that too without covering his nose with handkerchief. several times i felt to leave the church ..yeah it was that much horrible . everybody was looking at him . but he was cool. once he gave a look at me and i could understand what he meant by that strange look "i have cold, and i will sneeze, any problem ?" that was like mind reading ..mmmmmm anyway i didnt left the seat ..i coudnt find any other seat ,the church was too crowded. so i had bear it...and now i have cold!.

a thought came to my mind ...what that person had done is right or wrong ?? what i did was right or wrong ..i should have moved from there.. right ???. but why that person came to church although he had svere cold ? ..may be he have lot of problems and he just wanted to tell that to his lord?? ..

Biju arranged a party yesterday ...he got his visa stamped ..he was waiting for that for long time .. i could see the happiness in his face :) ..we gathered at a restaurant nearby to church. i forgot the name of the restauarnat.. an indian one..good one . had an awsome dinner ..murgi mugalai, ginger chicken, fish masala, prawn masala, mutton mugalai ..we cracked was realy fun... enjoyed the evening.

that was a good day ..after a days hectic work. i got some relief..but at night after my prayers i began to think about my brother and his interview at infosys..will he get a job there ?? ..

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