Thursday, November 25, 2004

back to blog after long time

so am back to scribble something after long time ....was busy ...still busy!!! ....

but i think i should write something ...

actualy when there was a sudden change in the climate i thought i should write about it yesterday itself.. but didnt got free time..

now am little bit free... and its cold outside...cold winds ...its something which i dont like at all... reason is will cause my sinusitis to become more severe. and i will be having severe headache whole the day. anway now i dont have headache...

i remember the day i arrived here . i was amazed to see everyone in sweater. it was in january 2001. i never expected that it wil be this much cold. that was something very new to me ...and i will never forget that january.. for the first two days i didnt felt much cold ...later i felt as if i was in a fridge. i began to wear sweater, socks, and even gloves ... it happend to me only for the first winter. after that every winter was ok for me ... sometimes i didnt even wear sweater or jacket. ..

hope this time the winter will be normal only . its not easy to wake up at 6:30 on winter season. i like to sleep under the wooly bedsheep i have . its very nice.

so am expecting the winter.........welcome

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