Friday, December 17, 2004

National day

3 days holiday from 16th to 18th ..National Day :) ..

Bahrain actually is a collection of island. and it was called Bahrain(menaing two seas) in the early Islamic era, when the name was used for the entire region stretching from Basra (Iraq) in the north to oman in the south. By the early 1500's, the portuguese saw bahrain as a key point to protect their trade routes between India, Africa and Europe.

They invaded the island and set up military base at the bahrain Fort. The fort, which ironically had been used by the people of Bahrain to defend themselves against the Portuguese, was strengthened and new stone towers erected. Right up until today, the Bahrain fort is also known as the portuguese Fort.

The portuguese were however unable to protect the islands, which fell to the persians in 1603. Then came a long period of turmoil, with Bahrain changing hands between the warring Persians and arabs until it was finally conquered in 1783 by Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa. better known as Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Fateh, the conqueror, he was to usher in a start of a new and important era.

((if u visit bahrain u should visit Al Fatheh Grand mosque too.. its a beautiful mosque. ))

and later bahrain came under the influence of Britian also.. but Bahrain Declared independece in the year 1971

Here u can read the speech by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on on the occasion of the National Day of Bahrain

There is week-long celebrations which includes a carnival, fireworks on three nights, a vintage car and photographic exhibitions, music festival ..etc etc

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