Sunday, January 09, 2005


saw the movie TROY yesterday ...i liked it .. i would give it 7/10 ...

its about the legendary troy war in which the trojans were fooled by spartans by offering them a huge horse as gift but in which greek soldiers were hiding.

the war starts when queen Helen of sparta flees with his lover paris (prince of troy) . and its Achellies who leads the greeks to victory over the trojans whose walls never destroyed by anyone beofre. and to enter the city which is guided by the strong walls greeks used the trojan horse. brad pitt had done his job perfectly as Achelis and also Eric Bana as Hector...

i liked the charachter Hector very much ... he had to suffer for his brothers deeds.... and his love for his brother and country is soemthing u cant compare with anything else!!! . he is Bold and not a coward like his brother paris. and as he says.. He is a True Trojan.

Visual effects of the movie is also good, especially the one whcich shows 1000's of ships salling towards troy and the other one when the army marches towards Trojans.

Favourite Charachter : Hector
Reason : He realy is a prince, a patriot, a great son, loves his brother, great father and husband , and above all a Gentleman.

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Watched the movie last night -- enjoyed it alot the fight between Pitt and Bana was my favorite scene