Saturday, September 17, 2005

onam - 16th september (Friday = Holiday)

4:00 am ..yes early morning flat mate unni chettan woke up and prepared payasam .. another guy had promised that he will call everyone at 5:00 so that we can start preparing dishes early morning itself .. he kept his promise ..he called everyone and reminded us of the promise we did ..BTW after reminding us he went back to sleep ;) too i ;)) .. ..actualy i want to help them by cooking "morucurry" etc etc ;)). but when i felt that they were very serious in preparing the best "onam sadhya" ..i dont want to spoil it i had to be happy with cutting vegetables ...

around 12:30 PM everything was ready ...

onam sadhya items -- sambhar, moru curry, kootucurry, pachadi, paripu curry, avial, pavayka thoran, beans thoran, pappadam, adapradhaman(paysam), pazam, achar, moru, inchicurry, nadan kuthari choru.
and everything was served in "vazayila"

NB:- these entire onam items was prepared by my flat mates without any help from any ladies..(and some said its because of that the sadya items was very tasty )... "Nalapachakam" :) ;)

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Oneirodynic said...

Oh man,this is one of my dreams.Preparing food with my hand and still be alive,that is.