Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tagged By Alexis here is my list

I have been tagged by Alexis. so i have to list the things that I hate.

is that easy to list the things i hate ?? no idea ..but let me try

Below are some

1, People who act smart.

2, Fire crakcers ;) ...i dont know why am not just afraid of firecrackers ...i hate them too ;)

3, People who dont like kids

4, Acting humble as if u r humble than everyone else in the world

5, Bigots (any kinda)

6, Extreme Feminists ;) (let me see if anyone respond to this one)

7, Bullies (School, college, hostel, office etc etc... :D )

8, People who act as if they hadnt done anything wrong in their entire life.

9, People who give adivce(stupid, bad) to each and every one regarding any topic in this world.

10, Roomates who keep their smelly socks and dress in shoerack / Dress hanger.

am sure there will be more in my list if i sit and think for somemore time ...seems this list should be updated regularly :) ...


silverine said...

Every tag I read, I am reminded of things I have forgotten to tag :) This is so much like a confessional isnt it?

Alexis Leon said...

Same feeling here. I could add all these things to my hate list too. Chackocha, you are a very tolerant person, at least from the list so far, may be I will revise my opinion when I see your full list :-)

divas!!! said...

lolll this is all u hate.. what abt spiders and cocroaches and ppl who eat with mouth open and mmm mmmmmm wait now am i tryin to get my list down here :P
... i cant wait to see ur enter list... hey monu try to do this as well " 100 things to do before i die" its real fun that is how i started my blog ... give it a shot