Monday, March 27, 2006

When God Says Go!

For the past two - three weeks i was in a diffrent state of mind, i was desp, sad, confused, aimless.... ...yes i know still there are some pending in my list ..i dont know when i will be able to solve that too.. but i feel better now ...lot better...

Few days back i got a VCD from a person... he gave it and said .. "just watch it"... am sure he didnt knew anything about my situation and the difficulties i was facing.. but am sure it was HIS plan that he gave me that VCD.. yesterday evening when i was alone in my flat, i watched it... it was a VCD named "Worship With Don Moen" ...yes... that was something which i needed at that time..... beautiful praise and worship songs.... ...

I wanted to know who is this "Don Moen" i did a search and found his website.. and when i was browsing through his website....i found who he was...

This is the VCD i got few days back which touched me a lot.

And i read the "Thought For the Week" in his website...that too touched me a lot...
am pasting it below (becasue they may change this next week).


Is there an opportunity that you have been working on does not seem to be working out? Keep the following in mind:

When the idea is not right -- God says, No!

When the time is not right -- God says, Slow!

When you are not right -- God says, Grow!

The self-centered person has to grow in unselfishness before God says, GO!

The cautious person must grow in courage before God will say, GO!

The reckless person must grow in carefulness before God will say, GO!

The timid person must grow in confidence before God will say, GO!

The self-belittling person must grow in self-love before God will say, GO!

The dominating person must grow in sensitivity before God will say, GO!

The critical person must grow in tolerance before God will say, GO!

The negative person must grow in positive attitude before God will say, GO!

The power-hungry person must grow in kindness and gentleness before God will say, GO!

The pleasure-seeking person must grow in compassion for suffering people before God will say, GO!

When everything is right -- God says, GO!


Beautiful isnt it? ....



silverine said...

Extremely beautiful words!

Alexis Leon said...

Beautiful, meaningful and thought-provoking and powerful words… It makes one sit up and think, and provides answers to a lot of 'whys' in life. Thanks buddy for posting it.

venus said...

very beautiful and real! this was my fwd of the day email :)
Thank you for sharing with us.

divas!!! said...

well said well written :)