Monday, May 29, 2006

Acrobatic airshow by Red Arrows of Royal Air Force pilots (UK)

Crowds lined the Bahrain coast yesterday to watch the world-famous Red Arrows who put on a dazzling acrobatic aerial display. Nine crack Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots put on a 22-minute performance above the Manama waterfront in BAE Systems' Hawk jets. it was led by Squadron Leader Dicky Patounas.

The UK's Red Arrows arrived in Bahrain as part of a tour of Europe, India and the Middle East. They created a special manoeuvre, which they called the Palm Tree, in honour of their visit to the Middle East.

I remember their last tour, which was in 2003. This time also it was superb... simply amazing. Me and my collegues were able to watch it clearly from our office.

The thunder sound when they fly past is something which i liked very much. Gives an impression that u r in a warfront.

And we realy enjoyed the show. So after watching their display i searched for red arrows and found their website. Their website address is

Now my desktop background is of one of their display. :)

Indian Airforce too have an aerobatics team called "Suryakiran". I havent seen their display live. But i have seen some photos and vidoes of their performance. They are as good as Redarrows. Hope one day i can watch their show live. Below is a photo of their display, which shows Color of Indian Flag.


divas!!! said...

wow amazing i seen couple of air shows and i know they just are something real breath takin.. i wish some day i can just fly with them [:P] ok ok i know bad idea but isnt it worth a try???
btw where u been hybernating again???

Dew Drops said...

i see such shows only in TV .*sob sob*