Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mobilephone lies

Nowadays had become an integral part of human life(or human body??). where ever u r u carry it with u as if its stuck into your body. and if u r mobile phone get some problem and it dint work for a day, u feel as if u been jailed in a room without any communication facility. ( i had this feeling few months back when my mobile showed some technichal am planning to buy a new nobile).

The influence of cellphone in social life is something no one can stop or deny. it has its own advantage and disadvantages. one of it is that u can carry it wherever u r, means u r accessable to anyone anywhere unless u swtich it off, or otherwise u r in a tribal area where there is no mobile there any place in kerala where there is no mobile coverage ?...

But this "antime accessability" have some problems... u will have to lie sometimes when somebody call u and ask about ..the place where u r ..what u doing while attending the phone etc etc.... personaly this has caused some funny incidents in my life attending cell phone and lieing what u do..

Calling u r collegue
Question: where r u now.
Answer: am in office ..i have to finish some urgent works..
Voice in the Backgorund: ..People shouting,..someone bargaining about "something" etc etc....and somebody yelling "Arey bhai aappko 1 Dinar pey Hamour(A tasty fish available in Bahrain) nahi milega"
Conclusion: This is doing his weekend purchasing at Fish market in Manama.

U calling u r friend who has told u to meet somewhere.
Question: why r u late ?
Answer: am near awal cinema theatre now ..will reach there in 2 minutes
Voice in the Backgorund: Sound of shower....
Conclusion: The guy is taking bath..u can expect him after 20 minutes.

U calling somone in your slaes team about an urgent meeting he is in.. (he left office early to attend the meeting)
Question: Howz the meeting
Answer: its good..client likes our idea..
Voice in the Backgorund: AMEN (loud voice by a group)..followed by the words of priest " let us pray".
Conclusion: He is attending mass at church

so from next time onwards, when u tell a lie through cellphone, make sure that no "unnecessary" sound get in through the phone :)


Alexis Leon said...

That was nice post. Good advise. I don't use a cellphone. In fact never used one. No need actually. Mobile phone are for people with mobility, so I still use the plain old telephone.

But when you think about it, the cell phone could be create an impresion that you doing some serious work, when you are having fun.

mathew said... happened to me many a time..and was caught red handed many a time as well!!!

hope and love said...

i sometimes wonder if i should throw my cell into the sea or locking it up in a cupboard and throw the key away..!!

Anonymous said...

LOL...that was a nice post