Sunday, December 24, 2006

Generosity: Ailing Santa shares his secret

For 26 years this man, anonymously, has roamed the streets of Kansas and elsewhere in December quietly giving people money, often several $100 bills. So far, he has dispensed more than $1.3 million. He has chosen people — in thrift stores, diners and parking lots — who seem down on their luck.

This year, though, his identity has been revealed. Larry Stewart, 58, has cancer and has given his up anonymity because, he says, a tabloid newspaper was going to reveal his name. He wants others to carry on the acts of random kindness he believes are so important. We're here, he believes, "to help other people out."

His bittersweet life story embodies one kind of generosity that Christmas was once about but too often gets lost. In times gone by, the rich would go out of their way in this season to give to the poor.

Stewart arrived at his idea, and his philosophy, through personal experience. He was a college dropout, briefly homeless and once considered robbery. But every time he hit a low point, someone gave him money, food and hope. That, he says, is why he has devoted his life to returning the favors after becoming wealthy from businesses in cable TV and long-distance phone service.

Larry Stewart is the true face of Christmas 2006.

Let us all keep the real spirit of Christmas :).....

"I Wish u all a Merry Christmas"

Read his story here in this link

Secret Santas Website

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