Saturday, August 04, 2007

I found my lost rib

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

Ephesians 5:31

I really had a blessed vacation, Thank God for that.

At last i found my lost rib :D.... i have found my "Asha" :).

Yes, my marriage is over and her name is Asha. shes a MBA graduate working at Centurion Bank. ....she will be joining me in Bahrain soon.

Sorry to those whom i wasn't able to inform.....everything happened so fast.

So now am back in Bahrain..after having my marriage and a cool(Hot) ;) honeymoon in ooty. My life is definitely changed....its really great to know that there is someone just for u...someone who will be with u in every walk of Happy that i got a wife like Asha :)

And i thank all who wished and congratulated us on that occasion.


silverine said...

Congratulations!!! Really great news! Wish you both a very happy and joyful married life :)

Avantika said...


Congratulations on you finding your lost rib. Well, this is in response to an earlier comment on someone's blog regarding poompaatta being published by matrubhoomi as balabhoomi. Balabhoomi is a publication of mathrubhoomi whereas poompatta is still being published from Trissur. So please remove your former comment from the web as it is misleading. And when did you get a daughter for whom you searched for a poompatta, when you recently got married? Hope Asha wont find it out. Don't be sad, poompatta is still fluttering around. Please respect all who love Mathrubhoomi as a daily and poompatta as achildren's magazine. Hope you will understand the importance of this message! Cheers

monu said...

hello Avantika?

please tell me where i have written the above statement?..i dont think i would have written about "my daughter"...

see ya

Avantika said...

Please visit where you have made the former comment on poompatta as a response to someone's blog on a cream bun under the name monu. Scroll the page down and there you can see a monu commenting that he failed to find a poompatta for his daughter. This may not be the same you but the name is the same. I was just joking but please be careful when you use this sort of World Wide Web! Clicking on the former link on Monu took me to your page "My cyber diary". i just wanted to let you know about the current status of poompatta.

monu said...

i just searched for that "my daughter" statement u mentioned and found it. Actualy its Sarah(the blogger) who is telling me that she coudnt find a poompatta for her daughter :) carefully,and u can find it.