Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday My Dear Blog

On October 6th 2009 "My Cyber Diary" celebrated 5th Birthday :) .. I too didn't noticed it until i just checked my first post. Below is my first post on this blog on Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"mmmmmm at last i too have a blog on this cyber world :) ..will it be something which i use to post regulalry ?? idea ...wait and seee...... "

Happy that am still blogging... :)

But yeah.. the way i blogged has changed a lot... although it was personal at first, now my blogs aren't much personal. Rarely i write anything about me now... now the name "my cyber diary" doesn't suit this blog.

When i look back its amazing to see the changes happened in the blog world during these years.... blogging has changed a lot. its a phenomenon now and its still evolving.

My life also has changed a lot... i can feel the change when i read my old blogs...... from a bachelor who just wandered around the manama street with his friends, to a family man settled with his wife and daughter..

Time really fly so fast....

"Happy 5th Birthday My Dear Blog"

Link to my first post