Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gods Must Be Crazy

I rented the movie "god must be crazy" yesterday .... a hilarious comedy...i rember that when i was a kid i have seen that..i have seen the second part also...a realy good entertainer. i would say movies should be like that only.

the story is somewhat like this the deeps of kalahari desert in africa lives bush men... a very much tribal people ..they are some what like primitve hunters... they live in small groups..hunt for the day..have a simple social life... eat - drink - mate - sleep simple ...they dont have any law..religion ....they are not binded by anything related to a society.. one day the "hero" of this movie ...?? or main charachter ?? ..saw a strange thing coming from sky...(actualy a bottle ..a pilot flying above the kalahari desert throwed a bottle down through his planes window. ). he took to to his family. they began to use as a tool for several purpose ...from playaing music to grinding seeds.. but as it was the only one avalibe in that community, argument and fighting for the bottle begins our hero plans to go to the end of the earth so that he can through it down..and he starts the journey..........from there story begins ....

if anyone get a chance to see the movie...dont miss it.....

u can read a review from here

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