Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ramadan started

The holy month of Ramdan (from the Arabic root word ramida, meaning intense heat and dryness) started yesterday. all muslims will be fasting from dawn to desk , except children and sick people ...and there will be "iftar" paties at evening. .according to islamic belief ramadan is the month during which the first verses of the Quran, was revealed by God through the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Mohammed in 610 A.D. the ramadan fasting is for around 29 - 30 days ..its based on lunar calender(hijra calender). the end of ramadan is called Eid al-Fitr, literally, "the Festival of Breaking the Fast." Homes are adorned with lights and decorations, treats are given to children, and visits with friends and family mark this time....

my duty time also changed. now its from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm without lunch break. i like this new timing..u can go home early . thats something very good.


Anonymous said...

well done my brother
our prayers are with you
may your family life be enhanced, and your soul cleansed
i'm a hindu, but i appreciate the efforts your our muslim brithers are making....despite the adverse global animosity against
may allah bless you forever
kind regards

prabhat said...

Nice and informative blog.
some changes will add fragrance to the blossom.
It is dawn to dusk,
never count 'iftar' to the parties and it will be good to use after sunset than evening.