Saturday, August 06, 2005

Trip to Holiday Villa

Yesterday me and my friends went for a picnic a place called Holiday villa ... and it was like a gathering than a picnic..

At 10:00 am everybody gathered near Bahrain Finance in gudaibiya. we had already planned that , Bahrain finanace will be our meeting point. But few of them arrived around 10:15 only (including me ;;) after all we all are very good at timekeeping. there was six cars altogehter and we all reached Holiday villa withn 30 minutes....

and there was some games and all, in which everybody actively particpated... actualy it was very nice to see everybody getting involved in all of the games with real sportsman spirit. we realy enjoyed it.

and the lunch was also awosme too..with fried rice, chicken in masala, mutton etc etc ....

after lunch there was few more games ...and after that it was the swimming time ... people like me who dont know to swim was very much afraid to go deeper inside the swimming pool .. :(( .to tell u frankly most of the time me and some of my friends was in the kids pool :D ...nanakedu ...

anwyay one day i will definitely study to swim ... :(


viswaprabha വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...


ൻ ൽ ൺ ൾ ർ
താങ്ക് സ്


സു | Su said...

നീന്താൻ അറിയില്ലേ? അയ്യേ.........

സാരമില്ല. :)