Saturday, August 27, 2005

Your friends know you are a Malayalee when..

You are staying outside India, and your friends know you are a Malayalee when..

1, You have rocks, sticks, leaves and strange-smelling, unknown substances in your kitchen for use as medicine or in your dinner.

2,You owns butcher knives bigger than your head.

3, Lipton Tea is bought by the bulk, (especially when there is a sale for it.)

4, Your brothers and sisters names rhymes or have the some letter to start with as yours.(ex:- siji , biji ligi , tiji ....)

5, You explain to everyone, "That funny name is my house name(family name)/Caste name." (applies to mee )

6, You hide the fact that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

7, Your North Indian friends mention a Hindi movie, you say that Malayalam version was the original one and that it was better. (i have said it several times..and even fights with my northy friends)

8, "Patti", "Thendi" and "Potten" are commonly used expressions of insult. and u r non-mallu friends says it more often than you.

9, You create a name for yahoo, hotmail, IRC or AOL chat rooms it's always some name like "Thenga", "manga" ,"Pichati", or names of film charcters or TV serial charcters.(ex : kadmattathu kathanar, kayamkulam kochunni, udayon etc etc)

10, Whenever a foreigner talks about India, u tell him that u should go to kerala, which is gods own country ..and u will give him all the statistical 100% literacy, greeenary, backwaters etc etc ...and sometimes a word of caution that north india is not good as kerala

and lot more to come .....

I blogged this just for fun...and is not intented to hurt any malayalees pride or feelings


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Anonymous said...

I Swear!!!

he he he ....

സു | Su said...

പറഞ്ഞതൊക്കെ ശരിയാ മോനൂ.

ചില നേരത്ത്.. said...

nice musings..
he he he

.::Anil അനില്‍::. said...


silverine said...

Hilarious!!!!!! LOL And so true!

കെവിന്‍ & സിജി said...

അങ്ങനെ മോനു മലയാളിയാണെന്നു മനസ്സിലായി

silverine said...

Thanks for linking me on your blog. But my spelling is 'silverine' :)

കലേഷ്‌ കുമാര്‍ said...

നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് മോനു!:)

Sushil said...

I have a similar but larger list :

I do not remember where I found it so cannot acknowledge the author.

Anonymous said...

wqerer er 23r 23r

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

I hate Malayalees . They are most individualistic tribe in India .
Bloody, they talk of good of Kerala , when the fact is that it is a useless state .

They are individualistic , they
try to push forward the interests of another malayalee , by scuttling the prospects of a person from other states.

If Bangalore, Chennai , Delhi , Kolkatta , hyd , Mumbai were not receptive to malayalees , malayalees would have ended up as refugees in Kerala .

Guys & gals never trust a malayalee

Anonymous said...

Malayalees born and brought in Kerala are cut throats and bastards....., they will do anything for money, he or shee....

Anonymous said...

Mallus can never be compared to any of South Indians cause they are so different in all their practices, right from worshipping in temples and food habits. They are so mean and selfish towards other Indians and will alway support only another Mallu....

Anonymous said...

The trick of Mallus becoming successful in Big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai is that they do a lot of Black magic in their home towns (which they visit at least twice a year) to achieve their goals in their life versus their qualifications....(all hindu, muslim and christian mallus do that)

Anonymous said...

There are so many good mallus: Its just because of some Mallus emerging from Kerala (born and brought up), hungry for success, who becomes cut throats, does black magic, become lays, betrays husbands, etc., that the other good mallus' names get spoilt and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

i hate malayalees my mum is amalayali and my dad is from punjab my mom hate where she is from
i double hate malayalees
they are such odd people liveing in the past century still
idiots all bloody idiots
my dad says malayalees are kolayaless
i say shoot the fuck in bastards
kearla shouldnt be a part of india in my view !

Anonymous said...

never ever get together with a malayalee they dont love they love to do sex because they hav nvr had it b4
pimping monks

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ber jealousy 2wardz d malu nation... cant take it dat we're mo successful den d rest of u motherfukin indianz...lern frm us. n al d shit u chatin bou dem hw d fuk u kno newy y'al doin d sme shit fkin hoes n dikz

Anonymous said...

Malayalees are biggest bastards, For they money sake they will sell anything including their own mothers and sisters.
The entire world hates them leave India,Ask anyone in gulf,they are ridiculed,spitted for their behavior.
My sincere advice Never Ever trust a Malayalee.
They are cut-throat,selfish and believe only in black magic rather then their talents.
All these mother fuckers know is to make porn films,
We should actually start a Movement throughout India to Kickout Malayalees from all states

Anonymous said...

yes m dear frnds u all are rite. this is to all am fella indians big ball fucks, we may be wat u said, but you wud get a taste of it only when we wud sell your mothers and sisters as we sold the midle east .

its true u need to stay away from us or else we wud
cut open ya stomaches
remove the intestine and pull the shit outa it and feed it to your moms and sisys.

best of luck

Anonymous said...

never ever trust a malayalee. be it a boy or a girl.

cos some day they gonna show their true colours. its shame to keep kerala in indian map..

they say, its God's own country, matter of fact, its packed with 'devil's own people''

Anonymous said...

its quite common a malayalee will lend his wife to the bed of his boss/sheik, just for money.. its very much true, please ask any gulf returnee..

but in turn, for hiring the flesh of his wife, even children, he would get money in return..which is his ultimatum.. to build a big house in the backwaters of kerala.

Anonymous said...

its quite common a malayalee will lend his wife to the bed of his boss/sheik, just for money.. its very much true, please ask any gulf returnee..

but in turn, for hiring the flesh of his wife, even children, he would get money in return..which is his ultimatum.. to build a big house in the backwaters of kerala.

Anonymous said...

its quite common a malayalee will lend his wife to the bed of his boss/sheik, just for money.. its very much true, please ask any gulf returnee..

but in turn, for hiring the flesh of his wife, even children, he would get money in return..which is his ultimatum.. to build a big house in the backwaters of kerala.

shiv sainik said...

These mother fucking bastard scum of animals malayalees will oneday face their own holocaust. Everyone hates them. The Christian ones are the most dangerous, it is matter of time when hindutva forces from the north will give them what sikhs got in 1984. It is fast coming. This fu.cking 3rd rated state should never have been part of the Indian union, they are a dangerous manipulative people. Curse them to hell, every filthy dog of them. Especially the Christian malayalees, should face the gates of hell. Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

i hate malayalees too. they and their filthy accent and rotten attitude towards everyone else. i'm a malayalee, living in Bangalore and hate when people start speaking to me in Malayalam in public, thus revealing my "heritage".

joe said...

i didn't like malayalees, then i read the comments on this page and now i hate all indians, for all of u who say mallus group among themselves, u should visit london, ull see the rest of the indians group among themselves and speak punjabi, hindi and whatever inspire of any other nationality... malayalees are ridiculed in the gulf, true, but the punjabis and the common indian that is ridiculed in so many british and american tv shows and comedy nights are never malayalee accents. The gulf can ridicule mallus, the remaining of the world already ridicules indians from the north. To the sad loser who's hates it when someone reveals your identity... seen so many of u malyalee's who go to bangalore as wannabee's, infact bagalore seems to have that affect on idiots, tell u what, change ur name to some wannabe Anglican name and stop telling ppl ur from kerala... its not so hard to do!!!

Anonymous said...

Malayalees are the worst. They should be kicked out from all the states.The worst part of mallus are in tamilnadu...they come as beggars setting up their houses here by cheating they call chennai a polluted city and tamil nadu a waste state. Vry true god's own country and devil's own people...especially the women folk act very innocent and they are always upto dirty bsuiness especially the nurses... never ever trust a malayalee...useless state...and useless people...bloody malayalees. we tamilans as you call may be are very dirty to look at...but u people have the dirt inside you..venomous snakes..a snake would feel ashamed to be spoken equal to a mallu.Ponga da tamilnadu vittu ....pattigal

Hitler the Great said...

malayalees are human version of sattan (which is god's gift to world, thats why they are telling that their country is god's own country) we have to survive with bastards(born to several hundred fathers)..... I want to kill all malayalees like hitler.

Anonymous said...

I am half marathi and half malayalee.I grew up in Mumbai, Cochin,Vancouver,Singapore and now I am in U.S now.To some extent it is true.But I think it's becuase malayalees from Kerala have less exposure...

Anonymous said...

You all disgust me. This is why it took so long to get the British out, Indians are so divided. I am Indian and I am not afraid to say Indians are the racist people in the world. We are racist to own people. There is no unity, why do bother celebrating Independence Day. Im sick of it. I am a Malayalee, I keep my self to myself, and do my best for me not show off as others do. You other Indians are hypocrites all you stick with your own kind and stab other Indians in the back. I never knew people dislike until some fool created a group, I told my friends and they were all shocked. We are minority in UK. Punjabi’s and other north Indians have triple the populations compared to the south Indians in auk. There are more Tamils than malayalees. I am a law-abiding citizen, I am not perfect, but I try my best. You all sicken me. I found north Indians rude and mean. The are very shrewd. Good at business but rough. there are so many bazaar type shop once you go in they never let you, well they do but they always trying to rip you off. They get angry and hostile when you leave the shop. In addition, when it comes to jobs north Indians play every dirty trick in the book to get other Indians to quit their job, or to get them sacked. I was nineteen when I got my job as a trainee librarian, I did my best not once did show of be smug because that not me, I am quite, friendly helpful and considerate to others. I would be upset if I upset others because that not my intention. anyhow I did the job because I love books, did not have many friends I did not trust them particularly north Indians I had so many who stabbed in the back, I thought we were friends, I had one in primary school called sukhvir all she did was make use of people to get what she wants. Another called sandeep who lies spilled out of her like she was bleeding to death made up lies that was being hit by parents that the headmistress was called. I was so mad i told the teacher that was downright lie she cannot believe a word she said. Sandeep lied so much she even said she had a tiger as a pet in London. I told the headmistress to ask other s and she did she dropped the issue apologised to my family and disiplined the liar sandeep. This was when I was seven since then I do not like you north Indians. I have gone off track. Yes, now the job at the library, I loved it. I became more confident, I got on with everyone, and I listed to those who have been there a lot longer than not once did step on anyone else’s toes. I got on well with the English, blacks, Chinese, Europeans, and other Indians MY AGE. There were two older north Indians one 26 f from Gujarati the other 45 from Punjabi, the 26 yr old was my supervisor and the other was one other seniors. The supervisor always said im doing well, I asked if there was anything I can improve on and she no everything’s great. Other coleagues liked me, I did not mess up at all, said I was a team player and I never had a complaint from members of public. the 45 yrs old was training her daughter as well, the daughter was nice i got with her but never like book this was just pocket money to her me i could see myself do it forever. Her mother hated me and she intimidated me. She was meant to train both of us but that never happened she would ignore me. So sought help from others who were happy to train me. I did not know what to do about the 45 yr old senior so I ignored it and just tried my best. Three moths later, the other senior (white) calls me and say to come on this day. I knew then she was going to sack me. I had always had bad luck. I go and yes, my suspicions were true. She said the are letting me go because I was not confident which a lie was because I never felt more confident in my life. I was at home in library it is where I spent most of my schools days away for bullies. My 25 old supervisors was there she I am consistent but improving and that have been monitoring me for 2 weeks. Not once did her saying anything to me even when I asked her. Then to top it off they said the other 45 old Punjabi senior daughter was more confident that why they keeping her not me. This is very unethical you do not compare to another when one is being dismissed. I was so upset even the other senior was upset. I asked I could be a second chance she looked at the other who thought I was not looking when she gave a discreet shake of the head ands the senior said no and the said I had one week left. I said not and left that day. She said they would pay for remaining week. That crushed me. A few moths I bumped in to a former colleague who told me the 45 old did it so her daughter can stay and she hated me. I never did anything to her. I AM SCARED BY IT I CANT GET ANOTHER JOG I FREEZE DURING INTERVIEW AND I RUIN MY CHANCE BEFORE THE CAN GET THER FIRST.

you sick north indians you caused my depression. that lady was punjabi, jelous devious old hag.


Anonymous said...

I was going through some of these posts and felt like laughing. But then this is the truth about the indian nation. When indians celebrate their victories in cricket matches i always take that with a pinch of salt. I will take my own case. I am a malyali brought up in north india. Due to the illtreatment in north india due to my skin color, language etc i hated north indians. When I came to tamil nadu, i saw that tamilians hated malyalis the most. And when i went back to kerala they hated malyalis who cannot speak malyalam in the proper accent or speak malyalam articulately. And that is the reason I didn't have friends anywhere. I was a misfit everywhere and that is why I am not a nationalist. This nation gave me immense pain. When i was living in north india i was the only one who disclosed my identity. The rest of the malyalis were hypocrites who were acting like north indians. A person who has to migrate to another state especially malyali is the most cursed person on this earth. The only solution is we must not migrate to other states.

Anonymous said...

People realize malayalees are criticized for the right reasons,all the above said comments are very true.
All states have bad people but here we are talking about the percentage,Overwhelming majority of Malayalees are cut-throat, deceptive, cunning, selfish, cruel etc...
Bastard malayalees migrate to other states in search of livelihood and once the join their own flock of people they show their true colors of not having a iota of respect to the local culture and its people.
Even a dog is more loyal than a malayalee.

Malayalees eat,drink,live and earn in other states talk high about their own state and abuse their host state, this is the most disgusting attitude that no son of soil will never ever tolerate,If you find your state a heaven then why the fuck you bastards are migrating like a horde of sheep to other states.
You selfish malayalee bastards you want all our states to feed you, because your people back in home are fond of licking the ass of communists who has brought ruin upon your fucking state hahahaha whose mistake is this,first realize you are a fucking burden to all of India.

Anonymous said...

let's see.

1. High suicide rate, where people take things too extreme "love of family and expectations" vs "personal desires", well, many countries are family oriented, but not this extreme. Love is two way.

2. Malayalees are cunning and manipulative, if someone disagrees to them, they blackmail and get things done.

3. Criminal mentality, in front smile in back lust and spread rumours

4. Disagree with a malayalee, then see what happens = emotional drama

5. Kerala Christians are the worst, demonized scum.

6. Some are good malayalees, but they themselves are having problems

7. Ignorance of hindi and other part of what is really India, cut off in their own isolated world behind the western ghats and sea

8. Thinking that kerala is the centre of India, when kerala is not even heard of in other parts of India

9. Quick to anger and jeleousy, hidden and supressed anger and sadness it manifests itself in other ways

10. They drive each other to depression, drinking and suicide rates by "sharp and cutting words".
Blackmailing sentences, sounds, mockery

11. Highest rate of sexual abuse, child abuse.

12. Fathers raping malayalee daughters are common, but due to social stigma, they are kept hush and quiet, if anyone speaks out or wants to leave, society says "why do you hate your parents".

13. Have no concept of loyalty. Malayaleese can get a dog, and learn from that dog what loyalty means. Its a cheap teacher. fees = a handful of bread to feed your dog.

14. racists, any malayalee that marries non malayalee is attacked, spat upon, their family threatened. (christian pentecostals are perfect in this)

15. The state is divided into thousands and thousands of castes SWAMI VIVKENANDA called kerala lunatic asylum of castes. Even the same subcaste won't intermarry or eat with each other. (whats the point of India then?)

16. till the 1930s, Kerala women were forced to go topless, wear no dress on top, half naked, in front of uppercaste women, including married women. (shows the sexual perversion of their ancestors)

17. Kerala's syrian Christians spit on hindus and are the worst enemies of Hindus. DEPORT THIS SOBS back to syria where their scum thomas of canai ancestor came from. Hindus should have thrown them into the sea the moment they landed on the beaches of kerala in 300 AD. Today they control the gold, prostitution, drugs and alcohol trade in kerala, racists, syrian christian men have sex with different women of different ethnic groups then they go and marry their own.

18. Control and bullying

19. Third highest crime rate in India

20. Claim to be educated with degrees and stuff, but a dog will remain a dog, even if it puts a tie and suit.

answer : kick kerala out of the Indian union, let them form their own country.

Brunei banned keralites from working in their country.

Send central armed forces mostly made up of other indian ethnics into kerala and sieze control of their resources and FORCE CULTURAL CHANGE on them, like Russia or China has done.


Anonymous said...

Malyalees get out of guys are making it a was so cosmopolitan before...see whats happening want to get your blooody communist ideology in Mangalore....Bastards get out of Mangalore...

Anonymous said...

Malyalees better sit and shit in kerala dont try your cheap tricks in mangalore..Dakshina kannada...i once worked for a Malyalee company...they are so fucking racists because we are non-malyalees and they want to be treated well...bastards..i will kick you out of Karnataka.

EYE said...

my God! Such vitriol being spewed against the Malayalees. Agreed we are cut throat and cunning, but so is everybody in the madhouse called India. And greedy, who isn't? everyone in a poor country like India is greedy. Malayalis are the better of the lot. Atleast they have done better for themselves than most other states because of their hard work and discipline. In fact, South Indians are one of the most hard working, sincere and humble people of the world. North Indians are far more cunning than Malayalees. I am a malayalee who grew up in Delhi and let me tell you i have been betrayed by the best of my north Indian friends. They lack loyalty, cheat and steal. Why do you spew venom against the christians-- all North Indians want a 'convent educated bride' - they use the word 'convent' and completely forget that it implies Christian.

This has got nothing to do with being Malayalee or Punjabi, it is just human nature and people anywhere in the world can be like this.

At the end of the day we are all Indians. We have to look at the problems of our country as problems of a developing country. We have to consider ourselves as individuals and human beings. Not as just Malayalees or Bengalies, or Biharis. No wonder India is in a mess. It will further go to the dogs if you people continue like this.

wang ting said...

i do not say malayalees are bad people. I came from indonesai andstayed at sasthemengalam in thiruvanapuram,kerala. people at that plcae were nice. i was able to have sex with eight aunites(people call like that in kerala) in thiruvanapuram. such an open society, not even in america. every body can have sex anybody in thiruvanapuram because nairs there are very liberal poeple. only place outside indonesia where i saw Gay sex was practiced openly.

Anonymous said...

Devil's own people - Malayalees

describes them in one line.

Anonymous said...

Mallus(keralites) are disliked by some people , why ??

Check out the following facts:-

1. Chief Justice of India is from Kerala
2. Indian Foreign Secretary is from Kerala
3.. Indian Defense Minister is from Kerala
4. Chief of "Chandryaan' , the Indian Space programme is from Kerala
5. Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister if from Kerala
6. Chief of the new Federal Investigation Agency is from Kerala
7. Principal Secretary to Prime Minister is from Kerala
8. The only Indian to contest for the UN Secretary General's Position is from Kerala.
9. The chief of Staff for Security to UN Secretary General is from Kerala
10. Kerala is the only 100% literate State in India..
11. Kerala was rated as the most baby friendly state with the lowest infant mortality rates and the best Health Care Model by UN.
12. The last Indian representative to the Miss Universe contest was also a Keralite
13. Rasul Pookutty, The Oscar Winner is also a keralite.

You know that coming from a small province our people did not climb the above positions thru back door, it is thru sheer competition!!

You will find Keralite farm workers, artisans, technicians, manual labourers, illiterates and semi-literates all migrating to all parts of the Globe. When they start most of them only know their mother tongue. Thru hardwork, drive, enthusiasm, tenacity, persistence , Humour sense they learn the trades and also , Hindi, English, Arabic and many other languages necessary to sustain them. True that none of them speak Queens English, but most of the world do not do so as well. The great Chinese Population, majority of the French, German, Arabic, East European and even good percentage of UK population do not speak English or speak only a version of it. ?? Nor the vast majority of Indians can speak Hindi, our National language?

You can hate a race/tribe if they are dishonest, lazy, untrustworthy, uneducated etc. We definitely do not belong to any of this categories??
So why you hate us??....reason is simple, professional jealousy!!!

In your city you have seen Keralites as narial pani wallahs, manual laboures and shop assistants only. When you come to Dubai/US/London you are amazed at their success, influence and the sheer majority irritates you, you cannot take it that those who cannot speak Queens English have become so successful?? You do speak English but your writing and spelling are a horror story!!

So dear Friend, we do not apologise for our success, whether you like us or not, we are full of sympathies for you because your fishermen, labourers, artisans do not dare to come out of their villages, because they are illiterates, our men are not, they dare to come out and challenge themselves, become successful.

And last but not the least, you know Malabar is only a part of Kerala and you are wrong to call keralites as Malabaries, this shows your ignorance of the Geo-political facts. Do you call all Britishers as Scottish or Irish?? Do you call all Americans as Texans or New Yorkers? So stop this, get some information on Indian provinces, start reading newspapers (Keralites do not start the day without reading newspapers, sorry for that!).

Anonymous said...

I'm a mallu myself and this is my assesment of the psyche of an average mallu.The problem with malayalis is that they are good at fighting amongst themselves. In fact when it comes to fighting amongst themselves they have developed the art of verbal warfare to a state of perfection. Abusing others, mocking and degrading others in the most lowly manner possible is a tactic employed by the mallus when fighting amongst themselves. In fact having a sharp tongue is considered to be a manly quality by many mallus. But when it comes to taking on other ethnic groups mallus scamper off like rats and they give a very meek response. It is very sad to see mallus giving a timid response to the arrogant kannadigas and tamilians and to the racist north indians. It is very well known that karnataka and tamil nadu have a big brother attitude towards kerala. My suggestion to the ugly black shit smelling monkeys of karnataka and tamil nadu is not to mess with the mallus. Mallus are not obsessed in staying in your wretched states. If you want to drive them out who is stopping you. In fact there is a positive side to it in the sense that all mallus who are driven back from other states will concentrate on improving their own state rather than pulling it down. And as for the vain pompous racist rodents of north india the less said about them the better. And it is high time mallus start developing panache, sophistication and class rather than behaving like country buffoons. We mallus must develop our own state rather than looking to other states for our survival. It is only when we are able to develop our own state and are able to survive in our own state that we can develop self pride.We must be ready to eat grass rather than go through the ignominy of working in other states and suffer abuses from ugly rodents especially kannadigas and tamilians. I sometimes feel the so called patriotism of malayalees is just an excuse to survive in other states. And yes it is better if kerala is separated from india. I think mallus are intelligent enough to survive on their own and people from other states need not bother about that.

ultronics4u said...

dear friends,
really i like to join in this community.......i have some thoughts about malayees and i want to share with you.........
who is malayalees?
they are next to jews give a trouble to others

why mallu aunties are very familiar in sex?
because all the bloody malayalee guys are not in their state...........

what to do malayalee?
we have to hunt all the malayaleees and should throw away from our cities.....

future of malayalees?
they will forget which is their own state .....

malayalees future plan?
india to be kerala

malayalees thoughts?
i am the big in the world...........never can beat me ......i want more wives (they dont know his wife is with others)...........

malayalee activities in companies?
hate the peoples who have a good name in the company............... then try to add their own state peoples............try to send out the peoples who are all working more greater than them.....etc

how malayalees in other countries?
in all the developed countries they are trying to create a one kerala there.......then acting in front the own country peoples....

(i have lot more thoughts about mallus i will write in my next post)

Anonymous said...

Everything you say is right !!
i have been married to a malyalee
and i know how 3rd rate these people are .
Using black mail tactics to take out money and not to do any work is there characteristics .
lying scheming abusing elders and threatening is the norm with malyalee females . one should never marry a malyalee female or your entire family and future generation will suffer at there hands .

Anonymous said...

well all of those guys who hate mallus or any other caste. u all got a problem withurselves.Human beings r more imp rather than dividng by caste creed etc and making blogs abt hating communities etc, why dont u do soemthing positive in life? coz life is short and where is the time to hate when there is no time to love?

Anonymous said...

i married a malyalee female
thinking educated people and individuals are different .
But straight on 1st day of marrige my mother in law in front of all my relatives striped her daughters jwellery and stated its not safe to keep jwellery here in intercaste marrige . My parents were humiliated in front of all relatives . I have till date never allowed her jwellery or anything in my house .My MIL and my so called wife started throwing tantrums asking money for house and travelling .She has never ever worked or contributed anything to this marrige or life i have single handedly made everything with sheer hard work , but pits was they kept the kid in there house blackmailing till i dont buy house i wont get kid . Malyalee are pits .such females should crucified on the cross for insulting elderly parents regularly for money . Life has been a nightmare marrying a malyalee female and been asociated with her family who are nothing but scheming rascals . All they want is money and comforts but dont want to work for it . From my personal expereince i will say never ever marry a malyalee female , sleep with her take her around coz all of this type but dont marry them and spoil your and your family and kids lives .

Anonymous said...

malyalees and malyalee females are like dogs they only like to be with other dogs they cant integrate with other communities .
Every community hates malyalis.
Even in south indians the malyalee are hated bastards .

Malayalees only show off nothing else they dont have any stuff only like to show like buffoons .

scum of the earth is what these gutter chap malyalees are .

I have had friends in all communities and religions and never had a bias against any community .

But malyalees are cheap arsholes
They insult other communities when they are nothing but shit pots

Anonymous said...

there r always two sides of the coin and this guy above told his version....maybe she was the one who was blackmailed into leaving the house if she didnot do according to some sadist whos only goal in life maybe to show wife down to feel good abt himself. There ego depends on how much they derogate their wives and insult their families and relatives.
these guys have personality issues maybe bcoz their parents marriage also was filled with fights.and they have grown seeing their parents fight.
Ppl marry even 10 yr old guys and alter horoscope to get married to wealthy families and some ppl love and marry the ones who they think r perfect for them to only awaken to the worst nightmare of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Malyalee females are taught a simple thing go out use your body sleep with all the guys you can get the moment you get a soft guy who is well off
trap him with your emtional black mail .
Malyalee females are worst when it comes to marrige even there own men treat them as prostitutes in gulf for there own benefit .
It is passed from generations to use the body for personal benefit .
One should hunt such females down and kill them thats what i feel .
Every community girl is great Marathi , gujarati , sindhi tamil punjabi but not malyalee prostitutes !!

Anonymous said...

North indian males should never marry malyalee females .
They should fuckkk them and throw them .
Always remember a malyalee female never loves anyone as mentioned above in characteristics they just shout love love to get all the materialstic stuff they need its emtional black mail .
the females will say oh i dont need money i love you but get me house get me car get this get me that .
or else i am going to die or else i wont let you see kid .
Bloody blood sucking scums .
Look around you will notice all malyalee partners in intercaste marrige marrying richer and more qualified partners coz the fuckers are in capable to do on there own .
Parasites is what they are .
And malyalee females are prostitutes while ther ehusbands work for there emotional blackmails they will abuse the guys parents , sleep with every neighbour hood guy saying oh just a friend .
look on the net all the chat sites dominated by frustrated malyalee bitches .
Highest suicide rate in india why is that coz of too much expectations and lack of ability to perform .
Bastards can only survive playing dirty politics as a group and not on individual ability to perform .

dont ever marry a malyalee let the fuckers eat dog shit from there malyalee partners they are better off with them no intercaste marriges with malyaleess by any indian .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

there is a levcel in love u reach called unconditional love where u hate the guy and u still love him...he beats u threatens u and swears at u but still u love him ....why? how can we hate and love the person at the same time? when u reach that stage in love....u know that irrespective of what the guy does u forgive him after u get angry.... has anyone of u reached that stage?

Anonymous said...

malyalees are real rascals thieves .
Those who are married intercaste to malyalee females check the following things out
a) the female will always side with her family and try to split you from your family creating false blames on your elderly parents.
b) her parents will constantly pressure you to get seperate house coz there daughter cannot adjust .
c) the girl will constantly pressure for costly things knowingyou dont have money to afford and then say see my this relative has it other husbands have it but u cant give it .

d) malyalee females are dark not only from outside but even from inside .
Will always thru corner of eyes check out all males in room .
e) malyalee females will corrupt the kids by forcing them to speak malyalee and become one so he cannot bond with parents family .
f) she will create fights emtional black mail and crying scenes saying why dont you kill me if you cant give me this or that thing .
g) she will only want sex and want u to be her slave who satisfies her materialistic and physical needs.
h) you will always feel frustrated living with a malyalee female always feeling like killin the female .
i) the female will always try toinsstigate fights by sharp words or comments to family members and then shout i am victim i am victim . this is the biggest characteristic listed above by other members also .

j) in courting day the malyalee female is always ready to jump in bed and will say oh my parents want to marry fast since u slept with me marry me coz i will love no one .

k) always trying to make you feel guilty .
l) you will fight with your parents and support this swaroopnaka (demon female) but then she will gang up with her family and you will be left stranded without your family and a pack of demons on the other side .

l) if you are married to malyalee female observe all this characteristics if u dont have kids dont think 2 times just divorce the female and dont worry she will find another guy .

m) malyalee females are good at entraping guys coz they will sleep around a few more times to find some other soft target .

n) dont bother abt qualified and educated females all malyalees are just educated animals they will never improve a qualfied female will be bigger at playing games and instigation .

o) Before marrige sign pre nup of not giving her any money on divorce and see her not marry u itself
you will know the fact .

if you let into the sex part and marry you are getting yourself and your entire family a nuisance for life .

p) if you married and stuck then get out of it at least u will have some sanity for a few years of your life .
instead of jumping down some building out of frustration watching your kid speak in the fucking malyalee language of the devils .

Anonymous said...

i agree with all the people say above ,i am really frustrated and hate every day of my life with this malyalee female i have to stay with coz of my kid .
i hate this female from the core of my heart .
I hate everything abt her , her looks her talking her behaviour her attitude everything it creates a deep respulsive feelin in the guts when i see this bitch everyday .

i hate her family and every day i have spent with her .
I celebrate my wedding day as the black day of my life .
she is a paracite who only hangs around with blackmail for she is incapable and lazy to do anyting on her own .a greedy scum malyalee is what i got stuck with .

i remember every fucking day right from day one of this marrige till how this female blackmailed me with sleeping pills to get money for her own comforts .

i have to bear this female for not hurting my old parents and kid .

I am waitin for the day when i can get away from this bitch .

All you people who have had bad expereinece with malyalis should put it out here so it can save other people from gettin stuck with dirty malyalis.

Anonymous said...

they say that the mother influences the kid and she is responsible for keeping the kid away from his grandparents etc. similarly its possible that that the son is poisoned by continuous negative talk abt his wife that he starts believing that his wife is shit etc and starats hating her and believes every word of his parents and his wife is always the liar cheater etc etc.
there r n number of instances where the parents make their son hate his wife and all gang up and make life miserable for the poor wife where her truth becomes lies and others lies bbecome truth and she cant even clarify that what she said was the truth coz any child will trsut his parents more. And by the time u r 25 and marriagable age u r already moulded to think and behave like ur parents. every family has their own set of principles in life which may vary a lot and the wife has to adjust to it.She has to adjust to all members of the husbands family when they cant take the intrusion of an outsider into their house when the female stays and sleeps in a different house with ppl who hate her and yet she is a bitch.....

Anonymous said...

My advise to malayaless is not to marry ugly kannadiga rodents. I had got married to a kannadiga girl and she and her parents cheated me of all my money and property. Kannadiga females are ugly black whores. Kannadiga along with tamil females are black ugly smelly low lives. Kannadigas and tamilians are the worst specimens of humanity. These people will stoop to any level to denigrate a person. Next time when you see these bastards piss on them or spit on them.

Anonymous said...

I just read the above comment of one guy who got married to kannadiga girl. Now I will relate my own experience of marrying one north indian whore. North indian females are downright cheap sluts who sleep with anybody. I have heard a lot of malayaless guys telling the same thing about kannadiga and tamil females. Kannadiga and tamil females are said to be dissatisfied with their males who are ugly black dwarfs and offer themselves to the handsome fair complexioned malayalees. In fact my advice to tamil and kannadiga females is not to marry the ugly black monkeys of your community.

Anonymous said...

I think you lady must be a fucking malyali nothing else .

malyali females are bitches !! you dont need people to brain wash anyone for it !

Read the excerpts above from people all over the world .

A demon will remain a demon look and behave like one you dontneed to be brainwashed for it to see it .

Whatever you fucking malyalis say .
my malyali wife is certified bitch and i hate her more then anyone else i have ever hated in my entire life .
My bloody bitch wife in n years of marrige has never contributed a dime for makin the house or anything but say and blackmailed me for money . She is bitch in the guise of a sheep that also for her own family .
Every relative of another community who has associated with her dislikes her immediately.

She is such a bitch that her Tamil sis in law didnt even attended her wedding to put her in place coz she went to her house and created fights between her brother and sis in law .

3rd rate malyalis will remain 3rd rate .

gutter water will remain gutter by puttin in marble glass it doesnt become clean.

all you guys are right and my full support to saying fuck you bloody malyalis

Anonymous said...

some people need an enemy in their keep them going. its their inbornr nature....if no enemies around they makee enemies with wife co workers etc....the person is not imp ....what is imp is they get it out on that person to feel good abt themselves.
those who have dirt inside irrespective of how much they earn or anythign else...will never be happy in life. negativity and hatred never got anyone anywhere.
the whole life goes waste in that sea of neagtive emotions and suddenly u r old and u realise that u wasted time over something which was not even the truth or u look back on ur own falaccies and want to relive the life again more mature....but then can it ever happen?
stop hating people...all u guys have prorblems with urself. try to make peace with urself first.

Anonymous said...

malyalees are filthy bastards
they go to other peopls houses
and find a chuth malyalee like them
start barking in there common language irrespective of whether others like it or not .

3rd rate people have no manners or decency. Such bastards should be thrown in the sea.
they cant think beyond there stupid community and there language .

they are scum bags who when they go to a clean pond instead of becoming clean start the process of makin the pond dirty .

dirty people with dirty minds thats what malyalees are sitting and sniping bad abt other communities thinkin that they are dropped from sky when they are nothing but rotten shit people whom no one wants to be around with .

i have to stay with such a malayali day in and day out for my kid .
and see my child become a dirty malyali one of those dirty devils.

Anonymous said...

only friends these malyalee rascals have are other malyalee from there stupid samajams where the fuckers however educated they are only bitch abt others.

and malyalee females other then other malyalee friends will have only have males as freinds coz when u allow people to squeeze your tits you will have a line of fuckers stand outside your home and you call them friends .

all are nothing but prostitutes

Anonymous said...

is there any i hate malyale site
especially i hate malyali females site from mumbai ..

kindly put up the link here .

would like to join it and contribute my experiences of blackmail by malyalis on the net to be shared by all so other guys dont land up in traps set up by malyalee females .

Anonymous said...

the wife must be tLKING IN MALAYALAM BCOZ OF THE groupism and hatred she must be facing from her married household. if she wasnt before and now she is....he must think why she started it?

balanand said...

My advise to malayalees never marry the kannadiga tamilian whores. I'm speaking from my own experience. They are uncultured filthy bastards who have no culture finesse or class. The only thing they are interested is money. My ex kannadiga wife made my and my parents lives miserable. In fact my ex wife wanted my kid to speak in her dirty filthy tribal kannada language.

Anonymous said...

the husband must think what he is doing wrong that his wife is behaving abnormally, doe she talk with her? spend time with her or the he normal in anyway? does his parents treat her properly? did he ever throw her out of the house? did he ever take care of her during pregnancy? did he ever encourage her in her career? did he ever give any emotional suppport when she was not well? did he recciprocate her love any time? if he answered yes to even half of this question then he is capable of calling her all the names else maybe he is the B

Anonymous said...

the sister in law maybe wont care abt his wife but how much would she care of him or his family after what they did is the main question.MIL tells wife her sis in law doesnot task abt her....the question she should ask herself is how much will her DIL care abt her after what they did

Anonymous said...

people have narrow minded vision and overlook the mistakes of themselves and their parents and sit with a microscope and dissect every line reaction of whom they hate...they overlook their major faults, their sick attitude etc and then sit and swear whole dayat some caste when this guy may be a sindhi etc which is the most detested community

Anonymous said...

mayalee females are nothing but low lying prostitutes who just sleep with anyone to get there work done .

malyalee females in intercaste marriges spoil the entire family atmosphere with there garbage malyalee culture .
they are those parascites which you get to your home and you will spoil itlike a white ant does to wood .

they should kill these bastards and throw them in the sea .

any community girl is fine but not malyalee females .

tamil girls maarathi girls
gujarati girls punjabi girls all are cultured and have family values mix and respect elders .

but check a malyalee female is dark shit looking will never respect elders only bark in malyalee .
show there filthy twisted faces
in conversations emotionally blackmail for money and comforts wont work for any thing just take the easy way out , sleep around and get work done.

in fact guys sleep around with malyalee females and never feel guilty about it .

enjoy it and dump them coz they will be sleeping already before they met u and after they meet u to get some work or someneed of there satisfied .

kerala is filled with such fuckers .

even the gulf chaps dont want these fuckers whohave spoilt the gulf and are been kicked out .

Anonymous said...

mayalee females are nothing but low lying prostitutes who just sleep with anyone to get there work done .

malyalee females in intercaste marriges spoil the entire family atmosphere with there garbage malyalee culture .
they are those parascites which you get to your home and you will spoil itlike a white ant does to wood .

they should kill these bastards and throw them in the sea .

any community girl is fine but not malyalee females .

tamil girls maarathi girls
gujarati girls punjabi girls all are cultured and have family values mix and respect elders .

but check a malyalee female is dark shit looking will never respect elders only bark in malyalee .
show there filthy twisted faces
in conversations emotionally blackmail for money and comforts wont work for any thing just take the easy way out , sleep around and get work done.

in fact guys sleep around with malyalee females and never feel guilty about it .

enjoy it and dump them coz they will be sleeping already before they met u and after they meet u to get some work or someneed of there satisfied .

kerala is filled with such fuckers .

even the gulf chaps dont want these fuckers whohave spoilt the gulf and are been kicked out .

Anonymous said...

sindhis r the most detested caste in india known for their stingy values and keep money over keeping relations and weigh and talk everything in terms of money. infact thats y they feel all after their money. they think sleep and talk abt money only. they have one measurement unit for evtyhing in life..."MONEY".

Anonymous said...

all castes have dark and white females. infact this guy may have darker female or more fat female in his own house but he will point at his wife only.....thats only the starting of the double standards these ppl have.That wife may be weighed regarding her earning capacity, looks, fatness darkness etc....ask him how many times did she compare herself with anyone in his house? Thats a proof of how sick these guys r....

Anonymous said...

Ninety per cent of the kannadiga and tamil females are prostitutes. I have seen even sixty and seventy year old females trying to seduce sixteen year old boys. Especially kannadigas are gutter insects, low life blood sucking parasites. Kannadiga and tamil bastards should be spat at, but I think it is a waste of time doing that because these dirty insects are not even worth our spit.

Anonymous said...

And ha don't talk about the marathi females. One reason the MNS started campaign against north indians was that marathi females were screwing around with north indian guys. Marathi and kannadiga females are third class dirty filthy whores who can be gotten for dirt cheap rates.

Anonymous said...

Most of the kannadiga males are perverted homosexuals. That is one reason why kannadiga females are increasingly turning to prostituion. Kannadiga males are ugly black filthy monkeys who also happen to be eunuchs. They are a bunch of cowards who talk big on the internet forums. They along with their tamilian brother should be kicked out wherever they are found. These people are third rate bastards, filthy gutter insects.

Anonymous said...

The ugly black grotesque looking dravidian monkeys of karnataka and tamil nadu should be sterilised so that they don't give further birth to such disgusting people. They are a disgrace to our country.

Anonymous said...

Kannadigas and tamilians are hideous looking disgusting creatures. I want to tell these monkeys to stop eating the shit of malayalees, because that will not make you people look like malayalees. These shitty disgusting bastards of karnataka and tamil nadu should be sent to concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

malyaleee reputation is so shit that i have a malyalee sis in law marrying in another caste her Mother in law put forth conditions before marrige abt integrating in the boys culture and not to stay wayward after marrige
this is how there reputation preceeds in other castes .

its a internationally recognized fact malyalees sell there females for money the most cunning dirt bags known internationally and even denied access to certain countries now days .

malyaless are absolute bastards .
throw the fuckers in the sea.

Anonymous said...

When I look at the disgusting shitty looking smelly kannadiga and tamil monkeys I feel like vomiting. Females from these states are intenationally renowned sluts.

Anonymous said...

all people who have dark or white females are not cunning and manipulative to stick there females in other peoples necks as malyalees do.

they teach there sick females to fuck around like prostitutes and ensare the next well off soft guy they can get .

paracites who suck blood of there partners with black mail .

my bastard wife for 1 1/2 year of marrige kept black mailing me for all the necessities which her own father fucking took 30 years to have and her siblings married other partners who were equally earning .

but my malyalee wife was mentally handicaped couldnt earn anything just wanted to enjoy life so was always black mailingme for money .
it was a nightmare .

she and her sister used to abuse my parents they are so bastard community that they dunno that they themselves are hated everywhere people dont like to stand around them but yet they think these dark demons are great .

i have decided now to have my own community girl and kids and not to entertain these bastard malyalees .

all of you all should dothe same
throw the malyalees to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

the malyali fuckers stand out with stupid names like siji tiji fiji sajo.

arrey dump the malyalee wife of yours
and enjoylife with another female .

Anonymous said...

there are good and bad in every community but this is one community where all i have known are shit pot manipulative black mailers.

fuck the malyalees and the thiyas in this community are shitter coz the nairs also dont like them

as vivekanand said a shit pot of castist community.

an internationally despised set of dirt bags who thrive on black mail groupism dirty manipulative behaviour .
for money who sell there women and pimp them to arabs .

thats what all the malyalees are.

where they see partners from other caste well off and more educated they jump off with there emtional black mailing attitute to ensare them .
rascal community .

Anonymous said...

Kannadigas and tamils are an abominable race with no set of morals. These digusting scoundrels are known to haggle with customers to sell their slutty females. The low life aboriginals from these states have no moral scruples. These bastards regularly indulge in incest with their own mothers and sisters and then sell them to others for the lowest rate possible.

Anonymous said...

now this guy has been picking up his tail and making fights with his wife only to say to her that he wants to marry he same caste female and remove his guilt complex.....i guess the wife should dump him and go with her kid rather than bear his atrocities and blackmailing and torture.a person lives in shit and thinks shit and the people who come to his house will obviously bear the shit anyway which he is giving out

Anonymous said...

i will care a fuck abt a guys parents who will torture a wife and break of the marriage with her husband and poison him and talk lies and make him believe that she is a liar when they r the money minded poeple who will go to any extent to break of their sons marriage bcoz of their insecurities.

Anonymous said...

respect should be earned by people, those who spoils a females life should just burn in hell and they will anyway pay for what they do in some way or other but they just wont accpet it that it bcoz of what they did to their daughterinlaws

Anonymous said...

a person who in stead of facing responsibilites averts them and sits behind a screen and does some tactics is a shitpot anyways the wife.....just dump this guy and go....initially it will pain but its worth it than to spend ur whole life with this shitpot good for nothing

Anonymous said...

yes u are right u malyali bitch the wife should go but alas
the bloody bitch wife of mine is a malyali bitch u forgot that .

she will wait till she can get suff money to afford a lifestyle coz malyali females can only sleep around for money not earn it out of hard work.

Anonymous said...

u must have heard of bride burning but it doesnt happen for malyali females coz its the fucking malyali females who burn others families sneeking out with ther emoney and peace of mind .

as johnny lever says in a movie
""In kerala the women dont run away the men only run away from there women !!! ""

fucking blood sucking paracites females is what malyalis are

Anonymous said...

It is just a reflection on your manliness and your community as a whole that you cannot make the weaker sex fall in line with you. You must ask yourself whether you are a poor performer in bed and whether your wive's complaints has something to do with your non performing status in bed.

Anonymous said...

no malyalis are respected
in workplace , india or abroad fucking bastards dont even work in there own home town just play politics.

all bastard malyalis only survive on grouphism and there common agenda of manipulation and dirty politics .
ask the fuckers to work on thereown and they shit in pants .

if one malyali comes in a office the shit fucker is so insecure that he has to get 10 other bastards so he can hide in the herd with his dirty games .

and all you malyali females why dont u bitches find the bastards in ur own community and make life hell for them stick there u fuckers with your dark baboons coz thats what u deserve .

only greed for money and white skin entices u to spoil other guys families from north india .

In entire south india fuckin if any community is despised its the malyalis ,despised by all south indians .

my malyali wife is always shown her place properly by her tamil sis in law and her family that the fuckers are just obc farts who should not act smart .
There DIL doesnt even allow her MIl and this bitch wife of mine into her house after there dramatics in her house .

Guys dont be sympathetic towards malyali females behind the guise of the softness is the most dirty bitch u will ever face when her purpose is served .

malyali females fuck u and your upbringing .

Get a dog home rather then a malyali person in office or home
the dog is more loyal then the malyali bastard .

Anonymous said...

Kannada and tamil males are eunuchs. Malayaless find it extremely shameful to be clubbed with these bastards as part of the south indian community.

Anonymous said...

the above person doesnot seem normal he is removing some other frustration here . he has too many complexes himself that he is shifting the blame to someone else to relieve his guilt complexes .....ask urself what u did for ur wife before u sit and rattle it out like a snake here.... i am sure there is more to it than that which meets the eye.....a racist...can never be cant u....

Anonymous said...

you malyalee bitch all the people in the posts above have highlighted what dirty behaviours of malyalees are .
malyalees are biggest racist bastard baboons on this planet .

if you havent read i am repasting excerpts of malyalee characteristics written above .
If i am insane coz the malyalee bitch wife ofmine has driven me to it with her blackmailing .
at least i can kill her and claim insanity now
Read you fucking bitch what the world says abt malyalee and everyword here is a fact coz i have gone thru every similar type of behaviour mentioned by our good friends who also have been victims of dirty demonic malyalis.

1. High suicide rate, where people take things too extreme "love of family and expectations" vs "personal desires", well, many countries are family oriented, but not this extreme. Love is two way.

2. Malayalees are cunning and manipulative, if someone disagrees to them, they blackmail and get things done.

3. Criminal mentality, in front smile in back lust and spread rumours

4. Disagree with a malayalee, then see what happens = emotional drama

5. Kerala Christians are the worst, demonized scum.

6. Some are good malayalees, but they themselves are having problems

7. Ignorance of hindi and other part of what is really India, cut off in their own isolated world behind the western ghats and sea

8. Thinking that kerala is the centre of India, when kerala is not even heard of in other parts of India

9. Quick to anger and jeleousy, hidden and supressed anger and sadness it manifests itself in other ways

10. They drive each other to depression, drinking and suicide rates by "sharp and cutting words".
Blackmailing sentences, sounds, mockery

11. Highest rate of sexual abuse, child abuse.

12. Fathers raping malayalee daughters are common, but due to social stigma, they are kept hush and quiet, if anyone speaks out or wants to leave, society says "why do you hate your parents".

13. Have no concept of loyalty. Malayaleese can get a dog, and learn from that dog what loyalty means. Its a cheap teacher. fees = a handful of bread to feed your dog.

14. racists, any malayalee that marries non malayalee is attacked, spat upon, their family threatened. (christian pentecostals are perfect in this)

15. The state is divided into thousands and thousands of castes SWAMI VIVKENANDA called kerala lunatic asylum of castes. Even the same subcaste won't intermarry or eat with each other. (whats the point of India then?)

16. till the 1930s, Kerala women were forced to go topless, wear no dress on top, half naked, in front of uppercaste women, including married women. (shows the sexual perversion of their ancestors)

17. Kerala's syrian Christians spit on hindus and are the worst enemies of Hindus. DEPORT THIS SOBS back to syria where their scum thomas of canai ancestor came from. Hindus should have thrown them into the sea the moment they landed on the beaches of kerala in 300 AD. Today they control the gold, prostitution, drugs and alcohol trade in kerala, racists, syrian christian men have sex with different women of different ethnic groups then they go and marry their own.

18. Control and bullying

19. Third highest crime rate in India

20. Claim to be educated with degrees and stuff, but a dog will remain a dog, even if it puts a tie and suit.

Anonymous said...

My malyalee bitch wife is so jealous that her tamil sis in law was having a child before her ,
the bitch complains to her sister how she couldnt get pregnant first and her sister consoles her over it.

This females negative jealousy was so strong that her sis in law had a abortion and then had a kid after obvoiusly my bitch wife .

my bitch wife has been cursing me that i should be sellin chappals outside templs etc ,to keep tryin to get money
but i am steadyfastly standing to her black tongue and proving her wrong .

I thought my bitch wife was a crazy woman but after reading our friends blogs here i know now she is just a fucking malyalee nothin else .

all malyalees are the same .

Anonymous said...

the above blog seems to be by a malyali bitch .
I got one like you in my house
who has for all these years only kept asking what have you done for your wife ??

Are you all bastards of the same kind??

Are other men/women of other communities here to serve you bastards . while you sit on your fat black ars and blackmail for your demands .

My bitch wife use ""mutual effort"" word only for her personal pleasures.

The bitch has never done anything for the home .

My wife was a educated bitch she has not done any work no contribution mind u nothing to making any materialistic demand needed by her .
I have worked day in day out to fund her career home my kid and myself .

this rascal bitch has only sat and made faces or sniggered around shouting abusing my parents and me
and asking all the time
"" all husbands do it what do you do for your wife extra""
Blackmailing me for money and demands .

i think its the fucking malyali slogan ""what do others do for them "" thats why the fuckers cant do anything in there own state waiting for goverment to do everything .

You bitches go and learn something from history read kennedys stmt

""ask not what country(family) do for you ask what do you for your country(family)??""

As i said i thought it was a crazy female i got married to.But after reading the blog here by indians all over i realized

"i just got married to a Malyalee""
The bitch had got married only for money coz i was spending on her a lot during dating she thought she got a guy who is qualified and spends a lot so nice trap .
the bitch must be sleeping around before also to find guys on chat sites and her college .
the bitch was sleeping around and seein movies in theaters at her mothers place while i was workin to fund the rascal .when she saw people only enjoy free meal dont fund it she got back to me for fullfilling her materialistic demands .

i hate to see her face or even talk to her .
When i hear the bitch talk to my kid in her dirty language or insulting my parents i feel such females should be smothered with bare hands .

all you fucking malyalee females should be shot and thrown in the sea .
You bastards go abt thrusting your dirty culture and mannerisms in other communities u are a fucking cancer .

Anonymous said...

mayalee public are outright black mailing people ,they literally thrust there own decisions on you and force you to do what they want .

i was literally forced into agreeing to marrige dates by my malyalee inlaws .

my wife resorted to black mail to get house by abusing my family members and shouting torture ,in order to extract more money from me and my parents .

i am amazed howcan some female shout torture and yet say give me this thing give me that thing .

Real dirty people these malyalee chaps are .

One should not marry or associate with them .
Best left to there own community .

Anonymous said...

what the mind doesnot know the eyes wont see. Imagine being married to a guy who doesnot love you, goes on accusing u of things which u have never commited just bcoz of their own misinterpretations and biases.....and being falsely implicated for a crime which one didnot even commit....its like undergoing trial for a murder which u never committed, where every word u say or dont say is used against u. anything u do or dont do is used against u.....feeling alone inspite of staying with ur husbands family....fighting against depression all the time, where any good deed is forgottten and any deed is scrutinsed and misintepreted ,where faults of own people are forgiven and forgottten and being put on a microscope everyday and critised is hell.I dont want to prove my innocence any more to anyone.....but the day he realises how much wrong he was can he take back what he did to me?

Anonymous said...

The dude above is a real funny chap. What was the need for him to marry a malayali girl when there were so many sati savitiris in his community. When his wife ditched him due to her unmet needs he is crying like a baby who has been denied his chocolates. He is under the impression that his community is milk white pure. He seems to proceed from the axiomatic assumption that his community is innocent and can do no wrong. What is more irritating is that he thinks he is qualified to make all those intellectually illuminating statements about malayalis and not just that he is also under the impression that others are naive enough to believe that. When he was typing those statements about malayalis he must have been looking at himself in the mirror.People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. And if you really hate malayalis why don't you start some movement or political organization to seperate kerala from india. For that you need to take initiative and be ready to go the whole hog. It also requires you to make sacrifises in addition to that being a thankless job. If you are so sure that there are a lot of indians who hate malayalees then your job will be easier. Instead of raving and ranting in this blog it is high time you took real measures on the ground. So next time when you start fuming and frothing at the mouth typing out sentences in short jerky motion due to uncontrolled anger just remember that action speaks louder than words.

Anonymous said...

The dude here is speaking of his experiences with a group of malyali people .

Who wanted to marry the sati savitris
but was forced or emotionally blackmailed into it by a malyali whore using her bedding tactics before marrige .

So this dude is enlightening people abt the characteristics to watch out for when been out with maylali females .

People get robbed on streets they inform people of there experiences so the other folks should be carefull .

And what happ malyali fuckers you cant see your own self in the mirror .

whether kerala seperates from the country or doesnt i doubt anyone cares a fuck abt it .

Its the attitute of the malyalis and there nature one should be carefull about is the objective of this blog .

Anonymous said...

Bitch i dont live ina glass house i live in a broken house broken by a malyali bitch ,
People whose houses are broken are going to throw stones boulders and fucking kill people around till they have there vengance .

Imagine living with a bitch who will make your life hell all the time but say i never did this i never did that its ur bias its in ur mind .when you see a blatant liar in front of you day in and day out .For 1 1/2 years i toiled coz i thought i had to live up to be a husband who needs to provide to wife. But eventually i realized i married a malyali bitch who is not a wife but a blood sucking leech who only demands and snipes behind your back lies steals and behaves it her right to do so .I have since then hated every time i have had to interact with this bitch .
Imagine been in a relationship where you hate the person but the person to get her comforts her dominance in place keeps shouting oh dear i love u but i need this i love u but i want u to do that .
who the fuck wants this female boss kindly fuck off with your so called love somewhere else !!!no one wants it here !!

This blog is a movement.

Everyone doesnt put there lungi up and sit on roads shouting strike to protest like the malyalees do in kerala .

Some people work a lot to protest some people write to protest .

My Malyali wife hasnt left me so far she is a living nightmare in my house which i need to be around to get access to my child .

if she had fucked off i would have been more happy and at piece of mind .

But alas a malylaee female has to dig the gold for her lifestyle or needs a to find a bakra first for future before she can fuck off .

This blogs objective is to prove that all characteristics mentioned above of malyalis from all other indians are right .

every characteristic and i will keep proving it with a example .

who said my community is great .

who said u got right to criticize someones dirty acts only if u are god .

I have right to criticize and point out all these characteristics coz i am a victim of the malyali conwoman tactics .

you fucker have a problem dont see it here if u think your community is great then why react .

Or does the guilt get you and u see the females around u behaving like this always .
but one doesnt want to his community to be abused so one reacts .

Its a movement and i will continue this movement .

Everyday i will describe incidents abt my malyali wife and her family in respective to the characteristics mentioned above my our friends .

People dating malyli girls or married to malyali girls can read it and identify the characteristics and be carefull of not fallin in a trap .

So fuck you malyali female keep on shouting and gettin pissed i am going to keep coming back at you again and again and again ............

Anonymous said...

It would also be nice of you to mention your community and caste so that at least females from rest of the country will be careful not to marry specimens of your community. And wonderful you were decieved by the whorish tactics of the female. Remember it is the low lives who fall for the charms of a whore. So if you got decieved by a whore that says a lot about your character.

Anonymous said...

It seems using abusive language is part of your community's culture. Degrading others in the low manner that you are doing now makes me wonder whether it is not your wife who should be pitied. A man who doesn't have the strenght of character to master his own circumstances, nor the intelligence to sift the wheat from the chaff and who goes all emotional saying malayalis are this and that blah blah is one hell of a sorry character.

Anonymous said...

By expressing to the world how you became a victim makes you less manly hahaha then what makes you manly sitting and oggling at females like starved bastards in kerala or drinking and running away to dubai or having your female sleep around with every guy to get contracts and more money .
If guys are less manly then who is manly the average Malyali male whose wife is sleeping with half the town .

Some people are scared cowards with there own old parents or kids whom females like u and ur like keep as hostage to get your demands met
or threaten there old parents with consequences .

So guys like me are not manly to go and kill a female like u immediately .

hence one spells it out on such blogs .

and my community is indian Ms or Mr arshole
coz i dont speak my own communitys mothertongue only coverse in english and hindi and marathi all my state and national languages
unlike u malyalis i dont go abt using my own regional language in front of others .

But fucker malyalis like u ,like in my house will want inter community marriges but want to thrust your stupid malyali language and culture on other people and there kids .

thats your hypocricy got it thats ur dirty attitute .

Its not my community guys who should not be married or married to .
its people like you and ur malyali kind who cant integrate in other communities who should not marry cross community.

My abuses are my frustration to a group of malyalis and there characteristics that i hav ebeen facing since 11 years right from the day of marrige .

i am not ashamed to abuse coz thats the only thing i can do abuse on the net .
Unlike dirty bastards like you filth on this earth who abuse elders of other community in person .

who said people dont get conned
never have you or your family person been pickpocted or swindled

does that make your family member a moron or just less smart then the conman .

thats how it is here gettin conned by a whore doesnnt bring down my level it just makes me less smarter then the whore at there work .

Thats why here i am laying my expereinces and informing others that characteristics mentioned abt do exist and i will inform every instance in upcoming days .

So arsholes like you should know what u and ur community members are like and why they are hated by all the north indians and south indians like .

Anonymous said...

Again if the malayali females fuck around it is with other malalayli males, it is not with the unmanly males of your community. You don't want to reveal your community because you don't want your community to come in the line of fire isn't it you spineless moron. You low crawling insect why is it that to vent your frustration you have to come to a blog that has been started by a malayali and is visited by malayalis only. Why don't you start your own community blog or is it that none knows your faceless nameless community.

Anonymous said...

Big deal that you are educating other indians about malayalis. I mean it is plain clear from your posts that you deserved even worse treatment from your wife. You and your innocent parents who were crucified by malayalis. You are like one of those filthy lepers you find on the indian streets who show off their dirty leprous hands to garner sympathy and some coins in the process.

Anonymous said...

And again if malayali males are working or drinking in dubai that is none of your business. Unlike people like you who show off their leprous sores to the whole world to garner sympathy malayali males vent their frustration over a bottle of wine. And as long as they are ogling over their own females and not the dirty females of your community then that should be fine I suppose.

Anonymous said...

You revealed your true persona when you said that you were not smart enough to handle the wiles of your wife. It just shows that you are a pathetic execuse that goes in the name of manhood. Look here how you are whining and crying like a lost baby, you filthy scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

seems like a touched raw nerve of blood sucking flithy malyali
who sees his females do this regularly has been brought up seeing them do this .

Fucking worms on this earth
dark from outside and dark from inside that what you 2 faced baboons are .

Stealing from others to fill your pockets .
This site is for showin what the fucking malyali chuth is all about
its not abt the good points of malyali its abt his/her dirty double edged behaviour that he or she personifies in real life to achive her goal.

And your filthy vermin its not I who seek sympathy here i am here to abuse you bastards not seek sympathy from low lying double crossing dirty malyalis .

Lepers you say , its the malyalis who are the lepers cleaning gutters for arabs and sellin there women to earn contracts and money .

I have every right to abuse you bastards coz you as a community with your representatives have harmed me and my family .

Does any of my blog comments seem like asking for sympathy from a Baboon like you or your kind then you are drunk and leper by brain .

you bastards are filled with castiest fuckers lookin out for white skin to overcome your own black skin drawbacks .
Why dont you fuckers breed baboons in your own community then trapping guys from other communities .
be it a kannadiga or a tamilian or a punjabi or a marathi or a sindhi or a gujarati no fucker likes that dirty shit malyali who comes with his herd coz he is a parasite wont work but start collecting a herd to hide his lacunas and play dirty politics .

As mentioned above by some of the guys who have experienced the same shit as you chaps

. Malayalees are cunning and manipulative, if someone disagrees to them, they blackmail and get things done.

Criminal mentality, in front smile in back lust and spread rumours

4. Disagree with a malayalee, then see what happens = emotional drama

7. Ignorance of hindi and other part of what is really India, cut off in their own isolated world behind the western ghats and sea

you fuckers stick in your state why you come and corrupt other states and cultures when you dont know to respect them .

Arsholes like you stick out abroad and even in india coz you wills tand in a herd and bark in your own regional language inspite of people standing around who dunno it .

Fucking baboons you guys dont have manners to stand in a group or a proper society .

I dont need my community blog coz my community is not insecure like yours to herd in itself and hide in herds and dirty manipulative politics .

We integrate with the surroundings we stay in .
thats called education and civilized sense .
But how can you know you dirty blood sucking scum of the earth .
You are one of the same filthy rotten black bastards who has all the same characteristics mentioned above .

Anonymous said...

It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. You were even afraid to name your community, knowing that you will be massacared. Considering the pathetic person that you are, your community must be listed as belonging to the uncivilized aboriginals of India. Most probably you must be a low life kannadiga, tamilian bastard. Like a scared rabbit you sidestepped the whole issue of your origins.But anyway that is not our problem. Now listen you black monkey if you think that your abuses are like some kind of sharp arrows that travel straight and fast to hit malayalees who then lay writhing in pain then you are mistaken. We malayalis are teflon coated nothing sticks on us. And look how contradictory you sound. Previously you said that you are coming to this blog to educate other indians about the malayalis. Of all the places you found a malayali blog.You filthy hideous looking bastard do you seriously think that your pathetic abuses can touch our raw nerves. Malayalis are built of much sterner stuff and it will require much more from eunuchs like you to touch our raw nerve.

Anonymous said...

And seriously if we malayalis wanted white skin we could as well go and marry some europeans. Why the hell should we degrade ourselves marrying vile subhuman specimens like you and those of your community. You know one thing if malayalis shoot down subhuman specimens like you or those of your community at best we will be give a citation for meritorious service to our community or at worst we will be charged with cruelty to animals.

Anonymous said...

yes one thing is right
you malyalis are coated with the filth of this earth crocodile dark skin fuckers
thats why you can do filthy things and yet smile abt it .

Thats what me and everyone is saying here all along
that you fuckers esp your females are the filty rotten dirty bastards .
A guy who is pimping for arabs has to be thick skinned rascal like a malyali only no one else can do that .

Marry any community girl but a malyali female .

Well you black skinned baboon even my dick and my ars is more fair then you and your family members you fucker think 2 times before you call others black .

Fucking racist bastards learn to stand and speak properly in a crowd before you talk of massacaring other community .

One thing i learnt from a fucking rascal like you is to give you bastards the same treatment you give others and not ever consider you fuckers will ever integrate in other community .

Shoot the fucking malyali rascals like this my this who i live with and throw them in the sea .

I stopped been polite to bastards like you long back now its tooth for tooth you black baboon .

Next time you malyali sister gets married buy proper wedding attire for her instead of taking on rent .

And teach your females some usefull skills rather then bedding around and traping guys .

Europeans keep you as servants not as wives you fuckers ,
forget the europeans even the arabs use you to clean the ars notthing else .
Where you talk of marrying europeans you arshole .

Anonymous said...

As long as we are not servants of you people then it doesn't matter even if we have to clean the latrines of arabs or europeans. Malaylis will not touch the people of your community with even a 100 feet long bargepole. You get this through your thick skull. And listen we know that you are angry with the females of your community for rejecting you. But that doesn't mean you call females of other communities as whores just because you think they resemble females of your community. And another one thing members of your community should never publicly declare having white skin. Because chances are that you people will be laughed off derisively and another one thing that will reflect badly on the females of your community for philandering with white skinned males from other communities.

Anonymous said...

i think brainless malyali
lets say a simple thing
i got a so called rascal malyali female from your caste back in my house showing all the characteristics mentioned above .

And what have my caste females got to do in this i am relating my expereince with your fucking dirty community .

And look above you dark demonic rascal you wont find a single malyali praise up there by anyone .

So you teflon coated leech do u have a another caste female in your house if so ask her how much of a bastard you are .But you cant naa
coz no other caste females marry a malyali unless they want a servant in the house .

shag on europeans boss thats max u can do dont even dreams think abt u dark baboons marrying europeans .

Hey dont you go abt gold digging finding rich guys or women from other communities so that your whoring activities are taken care of .

I guess i wasted too much time responding to a gutter leech malyali like you coz you are just like the drunkyard lungi chap malyali of kerala who doesnt even know what he is striking for when he is not working .

You are a rascal and females from your community like my wife are the worst leech that a guy can be stuck with and see his blood be sucked.

All evolved from abroginal apes and evolved into humans but you fuckers remained there only in your nature and attitude you dirt bags.

au revoir fucker thiyas like you dont need much attention coz you really dont have much to offer .

Anonymous said...

Now let us see you what your problem in life is. You came to this site saying you want to abuse malayalis. So you do have a flair for abusing. But then isn't that a trait of mentally sick retards, losers, people with criminal bent of mind as generally people from your community are. Now your posts are full of low level gutter abuses. But then it is too much to expect class from the gutter community that you belong to. See your obsession with the word whore,can't blame you as you must have spent the better part of your childhood in the company of such people. My dear black monkey if you think writing posts to convince people is all about name calling and hurling abuses then I must say that you are mistaken. But I doubt whether bird brained people like you which your community seems to be constituted of will be able to grasp this. People of your community are evolutionary misfits. Thousands of years from now people will be seeing the likes of you and your community in zoos if not in forests.

Anonymous said...

Any person who is racist is narrow minded.I have a husband in house who is a racist, married inter caste. When i was forced to leave the house, he told me i am taking away his kid to blackmail hiim and his parents. 4 yrs i stayed away . iwasted 10 yrs of my career coz of him coz i couldnt start a practise coz i was a doc and i had to reside nearby. i stopped my practise and went back to him annd restarted my practice. now he says i am staying with him and going away coz i have eyes on his money and house. His brain is totally dewired and iirespective of what i do and say its held against me. He wants a enemy in life to fight with always and he has been targeting me continously for the past 10 yrs. i am fed up of him. His has been accusing me of things which i never did. my silence he has taken it as my approval of mistake when the only reason i was silent was coz i thought he is just immature and basically he is good by heart and a family person. i have been having a living nightmare since past 10 yrs with someone or the other of his family members targeting me and all supporting each others mistakes. all my truth becomes lies for them or they misinterpret. When soemones brain is dewired u stop reacting. when i do that remian silent, this guy goes on instigating me for one reason or the other and if not him someone else takes over..i am totally fed up of this perrson. he has no logical power of understading and goe son abusing me continuously and still accuses of abusing everyone when he is the person doing it since many years.inspite of being a educated female, i have undergone the same treatment as those helpless uneducated non earning wives who are left at the mercy of sadist husbands who will keep no stone unturned to please their egoes by putting their wives down. life is hell for me .....

Anonymous said...

why dont you dump the bastard and go away !
Since you dont need the money you can divorce and walk out .
you will do him and yourself a great favour not to speak how much it will benefit your kid .

Anonymous said...

Half the malyalees like you dont even know whether your father lives with you or in the neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

malyalees are like maggots they eat the family or the organization from withen .
Dont trust a malyalee in your organization or your family .
Throw the malyalee out the moment you see him get another malyalee at home because thats when he starts breeding more maggots

Anonymous said...

you dont like the word whore !!

Does it touch a soft corner somewhere
for you
have you heard a lot of your females referred to like this coz they are having kids when there husbands are in dubai for years aint it .
So you must have heard it a lot .

I can understand your problem with the word whore .

With the way you are defending this low lying scum dirt bag it seems that he is proud your females are bitches
that you guys are truly rascals
who teach there females how to bed and trap men for money .
that you rascals cheat and manipulate for your needs .
That your females emtionally blackmail and are jealous by nature .

Why wont you be proud you dirt bag coz that what you are thats your basic nature and you are trying to defend it coz animals like you can only do that you cant change you can justify and make the surrounding dirty instead of improving your dirty nature animals who should be in the zoo now in fact do exist in a zoo called kerala now where people go to see them since anyway they never work there so people only see them on roads and places .

adios brain in the ars malyali .

you were and will always be a waste of a time best left to your community .

guys you got to marry coz you are along keep a dog t will be more loyal to you then a malyali female .

Any community girl is better then a malyali female as a wife .

Anonymous said...

To the above bastard who said that malayalis don't know their fathers it is better that he himself carry out a paternity test to see whether the man who he calls as father is in reality his own father or not. Generally people of his community have fathers who don't resemble their progeny in physical appearance.

Anonymous said...

Come on you bastard your post sucks. The very fact that you are spewing vulgar abuses shows the nature of your family and your upbringing. No wonder your wife ditched you. Have you ever cared to bother what others say on seeing your back. Most probably they will be saying good riddance. That is what your wife must have probably said "good riddance to a pile of rubbish".

Anonymous said...

hey malyali doc firs thing you are a malyali so what you say cannot be taken at face value coz all malyalis just lie and cheat its there nature .
I am a 1st hand victim of a malyali female like you so i know you smell of lying cheat and filth .
My wife is the perfect epitome of bitchyness that can be groomed perfectly by her mother expert at all the tactics ,the local president of the malyali samajam .

The basic assumption on your part that your husband is immature but decent family man shows that you were trapping a guilible guy .
you are trampling his personality with the excuse he is immature .

You are not practising since 10 years hahaha i thought docs can work in hospitals also .
Its only lazy people who cant find work .

Your husband must be a doctor or a qualified professional .
In this tech age people marry proffesionals to work for a better future seems like you were enjoyin a extended honeymoon for 4 years somewhere else .

ask yourselves the following questions

1) Dont you in your intercaste marrige thrust your malyali language on your husband and kids .

2) Since you say you were not earning didnt you demand costly stuff from your husband like costly honeymoons, money or in fact black mail him to get you a seperate house.

3) i bet since you are a doc you and your malyali family members must have black mailed him to fork out money for your clinic also .

Or is it
4) you guys must have treated your husband like god didnt you ,
You and your family members must have respected him thats what his dewired brain didnt understand i guess coz that doesnt come from a malyali so it drove him to insanity .

5) If you dont want his money and yet you must be making demands which come by earning money did you or your malyali folks contribute to get those demands met .

If even half of these things dont exist then you are the victim other wise you a just a shrewd malyali bitch wife like mine who goes lookin for sympathy for her pshycopancy demands .

best is if you dont want his money and since he also is dewired file a divorce i bet he will sign immediately .
Show the guts that malyali females are great at least you can set a example to change the perception of mayali females divorce him and walk away without any money .

Your malyali brother above will be pleased at least some females in his community have spine .

Anonymous said...

good riddance is what they say when they see a malyalis back .
Just look back and see the smile on peoples faces when a malyali leaves a room .

Anonymous said...

You pathetic moron you seem to lack originality in your posts. You seem to be repeating what I'm saying. Now do one thing put your left hand inside your pants and see whether you have got the balls. Most probably you might not have one but if indeed you have got one then do one thing buy some self help books to improve your pathetic personality. You are a pathetic self pitying vicious personality who is filled with venom and self hatred. I know that when members of your community look at themselves in the mirror they feel like suing their parents for damages.

Anonymous said...

challo at least i know my parents .

Unlike you whose mother may have to search a crowd to even show u your father .

Originality what am i writing here a novel arshole .

I am pointing out what a scumbag likes of u you and your females are.
enjoy it the posts will keep coming .

Anonymous said...

i thought i was writing a original self help book for people
" how to stay away from the dirty malyali ""

But guess what i found this site and links which already have material on it .

Sorry i couldnt be orginal in hating a malyali also there are millions out there like me .

Sorry i copied the millions in hating fuckers like u u teflon coated pimp .

Anonymous said...

keep on the good work friends.
I got a couple of mallus in my office who whole day keep talking in there local language .
I should show them these posts .
All of us feel like throwing them in the indian ocean for there lack of manners.

Anonymous said...

You scared bunny you are afraid to reveal your community. But anyway going by your posts I can guess the despicable community you belong to. Forget about my parentage. You know one thing why your wife ditched you because she cannot bring herself to respect a father in law who is not the father of her husband. And how can she respect a mother in law who did not uphold the sanctity of marriage with her father in law. And on top of that she was stuck with a catamite, a hermaphrodite of a husband who from outer appearance seems to be a man but is actually a female trapped in the male body. A catamite who loves to cry whine and abuse.

Anonymous said...

haha you seem to be more a typical malyali gay .
You cant identify your own father and you tell of mine .
Nice medical terminology you use.
What are you the malyali nurse cleaning the arab ars in day and gettin her ars banged at night ??

And i repeat again you brainless dumbfuck teflon coated pimp seems you dont read anything other then a arabs ars properly

" i wish my wife ditched me but she hasnt coz she has yet to dig out suff money or find a new bakra to fund her lifestyle before she ditches me with a good bit of money ""

Its common in malyalis for FIls to screw there DILs i know a family where the malyali husband is a dud so his wife is maintained by the malyali FIL who bangs her and pays her for husbands drinking and gambling in there hometown in trichur .
the husband is happy with that arrangement .

So much for the malyali FIl


i can tell you more stories you pimp coz thats what you are it shows it all are a fact it hurts you must have got acidity by now reading hard facts abt yourself or seeing a mirror out there .

Anonymous said...

You didn't mean that when you said that we are disturbed by your comments did you? Don't get me wrong but we are not used to taking the comments of hyenas and snakes seriously. After all isn't that their nature to bark and hiss. And by the way how does a typical father in law in your community check out whether his daughter in law is a virgin or not. Simple by spending the first night with his daughter in law and then afterwards proudly announcing to his son that his daughther in law indeed was a virgin till she was married.

Anonymous said...

no boss thats the malyali tradition .

or is it naaa
Coz the malyali female is not a virgin is a guarantee


Anonymous said...

Hey Malyali doc you say your husband in intercate marrige is dewired and hates you and is racist .

1) malyalis are the most racist people of all racist that there racism goes to there own smaller castes of thiyas nairs and nambodiris .

I will say it simply with my eg

2) A guy like me who married a malyali bitch against all my family didnt marry coz he hated the bitch then . I stood against all my family but what did my rascal wife do as soon as she got married she ganged up with her malyali family members and all of them literally started a blackmailing and sniping campaign of extortion .

i was all along outcasted and isolated by my family couldnt go back to them for support and no suport from my rascal wife for sure who was busy throwing emotional blackmail options for house etc .

The bitch has all the money she wanted today but no love coz thats what the bitch didnt deserve or wanted she wanted only money she got it but she has all the hatred from my side for sure .

Hatred is cultivated over a period of time and my hatred has cultivated over a long time it wont go , I wait for the bitch to leave me and go better run away with some malyali bastard out there but she is the nightmare whom i have to get up to everyday .

Never ever wanted to be with this female again but had to compro for the safety and security of my kid .

Dont want my kid to become a malyali pimp someday .

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are right that there are a lot of malayalis who lose their virginity before marriage. But the funny thing is that they happen to marry their lovers to whom they have lost their virginity.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want your kid to turn out be a pimp I would suggest that the kid be allowed to stay with its mother.

Anonymous said...

that part is a drunken illusion that a malyali markets to his husband or wife .

Did your wife tell you that ??


no wonder like a frustrated person you are tryin to prove the chasticity of your females coz it affects your very family life i guess.

Anonymous said...

Well in any society where the males are virile and hot blooded there is bound to be pre marital sex and girls do tend to lose their virginity. But of course there are some communities where the females remain virgin even after marriage because their males are impotent and cannot perform. Do you belong to one such community.

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats good solace for you
to hide the funda of high virility .
hot blooded is it or dirty blooded is it .or is it the desi daru in blood thats heating up .
Highest porn selling and highest booze selling in india goes to kerala .
If thats the case why are mallu women lookin out for guys in other community or sleeping around with arabs instead of there highly virile baboons like u .
Coz guys like you are either surfing porn sites and jerking off or drunk and wasted and your women sleeping around the town .

So much for your dear high testestrone virility .

As i said a illusion to keep ones mind happy .

I can understand boss its ok .
At least it helps pimps like you to go abt ur business very well saying i am virile so even if my wife sleeps with my boss she is a virgin after all its in your mind .

Anonymous said...

Ok so you do know how to twist facts. Comeon moron arabs are in gulf and malayalis leave their females back home and that is the fact even by your own admission. Even if they fuck around with males from other community one thing is for sure definitely it is not your community. Because males from your community are such losers in the bed. And by the way let me ask you one question. Since you have questioned the character of malayali women are you sure that you are the real father of your kid. Most probably you are not given the fact that you are such a spineless gutless male. If that so is the case then why don't you walk out of your marriage and take divorce. At least you can prevent yourself from going insane with hatred and your wife will get some hotblooded manly malayali lover.

Anonymous said...

boss if i could get a divorce myself i would do it .
In india its the womens pre rogative to get divorce naa .
thats how malyalis cash in on easy money without work .

its been pleasure to see you simmer to protect your identity as a malyalee to stand by all the dirt that you do and represent .

Malyaless leave there females behind in kerala and those who take them to gulf use them the way u said it .

Its mentioned above by one of the chaps .

I think you should go thru all the 100 comments mntioned above and you will know how many people all over india like guys like you and dirty females like my wife .

I have usually seen people characterize a community its common in a cross culture country like india .

But been close to a malyali i have 1st time see characteristics mentioned by others above fit in perfectly on a malyali .

Its like a herd where all are the same .They just dont differ .
They cant coz even if put a malyali in a decent civilized surrounding people like u wont change you will make the surrounding dirty .

Your dialogues also are so similar
the malyalee female will say if are son of your father do this and show and here you also like chuth say the same dialogues and then you rascals complain people abuse u fuckers .

At first i used to wonder then after reading the blogs here i realized its just common from malyalis to talk like that .

The rascals dont need to be proven anything they should be just humiliated then and there .

Never every marry a malyali guys its like gettin a vermin home who will make your surroundings dirty .

Anonymous said...

Look you confirm my suspicions that you are not the father of your child. How cleverly you sidestepped that whole issue. Problem is that instead of countering me with logic you use foul language and arbitrary assumptions. You come to this blog with all the pretense of a messiah or a prophet or as a self appointed messenger of god who wants to share his revealed wisdom with everyone. But the problem is that you are not convincing sonny boy. You have the intelligence of a pre schooler and the emotional maturity that would put even a pre teen to shame.No wonder your wife must have been fed up of handling an overgrown kid. You doesn't look like a guy who is married for more than 11 years. You complain that your being asked to prove your manliness is a typical malayali talk. So why is it galling to you. If you had got an iota of it you would have proved it and silenced your critics. And by the way who are the so called above posts. The same one frustrated soul whom I'm presently replying. Yeah we know that you are itching to abuse malayalis. After isn't that what you consider to be your greatest talent.

Anonymous said...

My dear americanized sonny boy.
maturity seems to be the birth right of the malyalis it seems .
Thats how they are quite dirty in there politics and manipulations .

And who is here to prove me god send or a prophet .

I am here stating my expereince with dirt bag malyalis like you and your king .

You are sitting here to prove me that u malyalis are right in been dirty .

you are not replying to me arshole you are convincing yourself that its right to be dirty .

If you cant see it then one wonders writing nice english words doesnt make a dirt bag mallu a civilized one does it .

As someone said above all are educated vermons .

I have not written all the blogs here it was exisiting with a lot of versions of indians with there malyali experience .

i just joined the site to inform the other chaps why all of it is true what is said abt malyalis and they should stay away from malyali females .

I will tell you another episode from your trichur fairy tales of a malyali which shows how cheap you guys are .

A friend of mine married a malyalee
after the wedding ceremony the bride goes to the guys house mother and uncle come to drop them ,
what does the bride and mother do they go to guys room and remove the girls jwellery stating its not safe in the guys house .
All the guys relatives were there when this nice scene was played out by the girl and her mother .

You should see the taunts the guys family got for marrying a malyali from his relatives .
The guy became a joke in his family .
the bride was never taken to any relatives house to meet anyone after that embarassing episode.

You guys buy wedding attire on rent to show off to your community and the entire farce comes off when the wedding is over .

I told the fucker when malyali chuths cant speak normally in a group of people how do u expect the fuckers to behave normally in a intercaste marrige .

well he always has my support in the anti malyalee brigade for sure .

the brides side must be consisting cheap bastards like you who use there females for conning people of there money .

This adds one more to your cheap behaviours performed and exhibited in public .

Anonymous said...

What do you call the birth of a mallu?

What is the malayalam version of "Maine Pyar Kiya " called?
"Menon Pyar Kiya"

Anonymous said...

What do you call the birth of a mallu?

What is the malayalam version of "Maine Pyar Kiya " called?
"Menon Pyar Kiya"

Anonymous said...

Q. Name the wonly part of the werld, where Malayalis don't werk hard?
Ans: Kerala.
Q. Why is industrial productivity is very low in Kerala?
A: Because 80% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the mundu or lungi (a garment worn around the waist) see picture.
Q. Why did Malayali buy an air-ticket?
A: To go to Thuubai (Dubai), zimbly to meet his ungle in the Gelff (Gulf)
Q. Why do Malayali's go to the Gelff?
A: To yearn meney

Q. Why did his wife divorce him?
A: Because he was louwing another woman. Who found out that? His aandy (aunt).
Q. What does a Malayali do when he goes to America?
A: He changes his name from Karunakaran to Kevin Curren.

Q. Why Kerala is the heghly literrate state in India?
A: It's easily giving Degree to get rid of the peapal from Kerala.

Anonymous said...

There you go again you foul mouthed lout. Seems your mother tongue consists of four letter words and expletives. You seem to be a highly complexed man with a low self esteem. This is evident where you try to taunt me for my polite and decent mode of expression in english language. Your whole attitude can be summed up in a few words and that is if you cannot rise up to a certain person's level then bring him down to your level by hook or crook. I know what your reply will be. The same old banal stuff that this is typical malayali behavior. Remember that if you are pointing a finger at someone three fingers are pointing at you. Well your verbal diatribe against malayalis remind me of a lunatic spat at the moon only to have the spit fall back on his face. We malayalis have nothing but utter contempt for haters like you because you will be consumed by your own self hatred. So all we can say is till then stew in your own juices. Seems that your hatred for malayalis has acquired pathological dimensions. And remember I didn't know that calling females whores is considered an act of chivalry by the standards of your community.

Anonymous said...

There is a correction "of a lunatic who spat at the moon only to have the spit fall back on his face". And as for me simmering with anger that is the biggest joke. When a person starts using foul language it is plain evident that he has taken leave of his better senses if at all he had one to begin with.

Anonymous said...

How can someone be convincing to a tefloan coated pimp in a blog and who is convincing you .
You are a vermon of the same kind.
You want logic what am i writing you fucker a algorithm for showing how malyalees behave .
Maybe you can convert into a logical algorithm ''how to prove that behaving dirty is right ''
by the malyali scum bag .

I am naratting experinces to you of your dirty kind after seein what truth othes have written about dirty fuckers like you .

In 12 years when i have seen your kind live in denial of there dirty actions out here there is no question of me attempting to convince a dirty malayli.

My inputs from my experience are for every non malyali who visits this site to find out abt malyalees is that not to trust or marry a malyalee female .

Any caste female is good kannadiga , tamil , gujarati , punjabi , sindhi , marathi all are fine but stay away from the disease called malyalee .

More trichur stories to come dont worry you arshole , people dont want malyalees around the for no reason .

People dont ban malyalees from there countries for no reason .

Anonymous said...

which part of the moon you are the dark spot on the moon ??

Anonymous said...

According to anthropologists every race or community has developed its own unique brand of abusive words or expletives. And according to them this is directly related to the profession or work the said community or race specializes in. Abusive words are centered around their group occupation or their communal specialization which they hold dear to their heart. When a particular person here used abusive words linked to the oldest profession in the world like pimp whore bastard etc it became pretty clear to me that he belonged to that community which earns its bread and butter by availing their services in that profession.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man both you and me are on earth as you know moon is uninhabitable. But the problem is that lunatics tend to lose whatever little sanity they possess on a full moon day due to which they engage in the audacious act of spitting at the moon only to have the spit fall back on their face.

Anonymous said...

oh saar i am zimply zorry to use such nice words for you and your esteemd community .
theeze is an insult to the words itself .
the words dont seem to describe you english has to still evolve in bad words to describe the malyali like you .
so hot blooded malyali male with the desi thara flowin in you by now you must be preety hot so go down and get a bottle to douse your anger .
And since your female will be outside at work as usual you will have to drink it alone .

as jhonny lever said in a movie
""In our kerala the women dont run away its our men who run away !!!""

"kerala mein hamara aurat log nahin bagta hamara aadmi log baag jaata ""

Anonymous said...

Now I understood why your english sucks. So whatever little knowledge you have gathered is by watching those silly bollywood flicks. Instead of cutting classes to watch those silly moronic flicks if you had spent some time in studying real books you would not have turned to be the pathetic person that you are now.So if I'm not mistaken are you an amateur anthropologist going by the illuminating comments you have posted here.

Anonymous said...

anche eruvathimunninu aruithiye allodu aayiram nanni....avande bhariya, pakshe avanodu parayande aavashyam illa, prashanam aavum.

Anonymous said...

this racist guy says that his wife is in denial abt what she did. the truth is that he is in denial of his own sick personality and in denial of all the torture which he must have done to his wife on his irrational assumptions of her character and nature when he should be the one who is mentally sick as obvious from his sick blogs.

Anonymous said...

this guy is illogical, sadist , psycho who gangs up with his parents and fights against the imaginary image of his wife which he himself has made and fights for stupid reasons with her all the time.neither does he have the capacity to comprehend events nor put 2 and 2 together to know the sequence of events. he sits and passes comments based on his biases and his delusions and the sufferers are his own kids and wife . when poeple fight and protect family against the whole world this guy has been making life miserable for himself his wife, his kids, and indirectly his whole family and the very goal why he targets his wife is lost. and attributing his monen y earning skills to prove his greatness in alll the other fields of life when his maturity is almost in negative.he is the worst husband someone can have .

Anonymous said...

yes i also say i am the worst husband of all .
Some females bring out the worst in you .

Then what is the malyali female hanging around or tryin to change me to a good husband since the day she married me .

Can you mallu females just stop thinking that your husband like other mallu guys is immature and has to be changed to suit your needs .

Dirty politics dirty games pathetic uncivilized behaviour is what my malyali wife and her family have exhibited in the past time and again and you expect a guy should keep it in stride ,Coz characters (like a typical pakistani politician can say kashmir is imaginiary problem) says its imaginary .

Anonymous said...

all the logic of the world seems to be the birthright of the malyali !!

Anonymous said...

my life was finished when i married this 3rd rate malyali female now the question is to keep dying slowly everyday seeing the grin on this bitchs face or to retaliate back to her dirty attitute .

Since my kid my situation is worst
if i dont retaliate i keep building up the frustration which will lead to reducing some malyalis in this world someday .
If i retaliate my kid gets affected .

so you see sonny boy why i am here abusing your fucking malyali females .

But i guess i will mature now and like a malyali guy run away and get another female .
I think i already zeroed in on a couple .

what say ...........

Anonymous said...

No boss others have also equal right to exercise logic. But the problem is they didn't choose to exercise that option. So that answers your mocking taunt I suppose.

Anonymous said...

It is all right as long as you find fault with your wife and her family. No one is berating you on that account. But it becomes a problem when you start generalizing and starts casting aspersion on the entire malayali community. We should not let our individual experiences color our feelings towards an entire community. There are quite a significant number of malayalees who have faced the same problems with other malayalees. But you chose to paint the whole community in bad light. Vileness of character has nothing to do with a particular community or race. It is a part and parcel of human nature. The fact is that the human race is still evolving and it has not yet reached the acme of perfection.Of course you may counter that by saying that a majority of malayalees tend to exhibit negative character traits compared to others. Okay even if we are to accept your contention that majority of malayalees are obnoxious in their behaviour what about the minority who still have their heart in the right place. Did you ever think about them when posting your ojectionable comments.

Anonymous said...

For the 1st time you are at least not defending the dirty attitude depicted by the minority malyalis whom i have seen or been associated with .

Ok here i will accept your point
that my bad experiences with a family and group of malyalis should not make me generalize .

I prefer not naming individual malyalis so i had to generalize the entire malyali female category coz the few malyali females i am facing are pathetic and depicted every characteristic that was mentioned above in the hate list of malyalis .

I have friends from every community and real close buddies thats why i always believed that individuals matter and generalizations dont ,but this perception changed for malyalis over the last 11 yrs with this female i have stayed with .

so sonny boy i think now you sounded logical so i came down to your logical approach.

now i guess as an amateur programmer i need to write a new logical algorithm with a lot of conditional structures which takes care of the bugs in the logic.

Anonymous said...

Every community is a product of millions of years of evolution. And all these communities evolved in isolation. So when these communities started evolving there was no standard reference or a standard of ideal behaviour by which they could have compared themselves. So for good or worse now they are what they are. Since a majority of human beings are still a product of both nature and nurture it is difficult for them to rise above their own conditioned nature. As a programmer I’m sure you must have found a lot of similarity between an average human being and a computer program. They behave exactly the way they have been programmed to behave. Yet you must also allow for the fact that there are rare human beings who can indeed rise above their nature and all that it entails. People are just born into a certain community and it is afterwards that they find that they have certain communal attributes particular to their community. The problem with generalizations is that it is similar to walking through a dangerous minefield. Sometimes they can blow up in our face. And that is the reason why I asked you in an earlier post that if the rest of India finds that malaylees are indeed a boorish and obnoxious race then they must be dispensed off. If our relation with the rest of India is that of a snake and mongoose then it is better to arrive at a lasting solution which satisfies all the parties concerned. If still otherwise we are part of the same country then that would be the worst form of double speak and hypocrisy. Of course before arriving at such an extreme solution we can explore other options as to whether we all can live harmoniously as part of one country. But still if as you claim that malayalees are a despicable, detestable race with whom the rest of India can have no interaction then what should be the ideal solution. We should not be forced to live with each other.If we cannot live peacefully as part of one family(india) then maybe we can live peacefully as neighbours(different countries). As you yourself said a well structured algorithm should have no bugs a united prosperous India should also not have any bugs in the form of malayalis.

Anonymous said...

to the malayali defending guy....this guy is a nut case i think u should not waste time defending malayalies with him . he is most probabily from the worst hated class of sindhis...ask any nonsindhi abt it

Anonymous said...

I could have understood if people from an enemy country like say pakistan had called us pimps and whores. But here people from our own country chose to denigrate an entire community in the worst fashion possible. Won't such kind of posts create anti national feelings in the minds of the new generation of malayalees. I mean wouldn't they be forced to ask as to what kind of country they belong to where their mothers and sisters are depicted in the worst fashion possible by their own so called countrymen. In one overarching sweep of the brush millions of common hard working malayalees have been described as pimps and whores. Reading these kind of posts where malayalis are described as pimps and whores I'm sure many malayalees must be envious of the pakistanis who are now leading a life of self respect as part of an independent country.

Anonymous said...

hai friends,
one of the worst thing..all of u know keralites study and work in all other states of india...i found in an admission application form of a college in kerala asking that are you a malayalee....if yes you get it fair enough???????

Anonymous said...

all malayali girls will strip in front of u if u hv a bike or car and a uour wallet heavy......i say u can

Anonymous said...

to the 12.26 guy...of july 25th.....dont worry our countrymen didnot do it. this particular sindhi has come from pakistan and india has given shelter to this pakistani and as usual they show terrorost behaviours.he is a sick guy and this single guy has being filling the blog of this malayalie guy who started this blog with the motto of sharing his sick prejudices with malayalees who would be coming here more often than other to warn them not to mary malayaless. see the paradox here and amnt of puny brains which make up this educated racist bug.the purpose of his is just to show off his upbringing and trying to swear at all the malayaless who come here with the excuses of educating other non mallus ...what a fool he is....he must have searched the net for i hate malayalee blog and he landed here.....neither doe he have brains and is a self procalaimed master in all fields when the only thing he is good at must be earning moeny which he things proves his prowess in all fields. he is just a highly complexed person who has a lot of problems with himself and his mind and only way he feels better abt himself must be to abuse others. so relax u malayaless let this sindhi chap abuse and go.....he is just a mad guy .as long as we mallus know what we r made offf we dont even need to react to sick irrational statmenets

Anonymous said...

To the guy who said that malayalee females strip in front of others. Boss that is a learned behavior and they must have learnt it from the females of your community.

Anonymous said...

there is no difference between a kasab and such extreme racists, these people are brainwashed to believe in jihad and they r even taught abt it in schools and their brains are moulded from a young age to believe in the sick principles taught to them that it becomes the only truth for them and they fight against anything opposing it. such people dont have any logical skills, low emotional iq, stone hearted , of crominal mindsets who will go to any extent to prove that they r right. they r in constant fight with themselves and force themselves to believe tht they r right...and in short a nervous wreck. they have low self esteem inspite of being succesful professionally and want to put others down to prove that they r one of a kind. yes they r one of a kind.....but how ...all know.

Anonymous said...

This is to the guy who said that malayalee girls strip in front of others. So Mr. Vulgarmouth or should I call you Mr. Foulmouth. Ok it doesn’t matter by what name I call you because a pig will always be a pig by whatever name you call it. Am I not right. So happy squealing Mr. Pig. And another one more thing pigs love wallowing in mud and not just that they love others also to get dirty along with them. Therefore it is never advisable to wrestle with a pig in its home turf. And me thinks that you love to excrete your foul smelling abuses in this blog. Go ahead, after all ejecting those foul smelling substance from your system will give you some relief maybe help you sleep better at night. Your wife must sure have been fed up with your crass crude insolent and obnoxious behaviour as you have so amply exhibited here in this blog. And looking back at the comments made by some malayali haters it sure must have been disappointing to them when they found that malayalis are willing and more than capable of matching wits for wits. They never expected malayalis to have this much stamina to withstand their uncivilized barbaric onslaught. Instead to the utter disappointment and dismay of malayali haters they find malayalis standing tall and erect, cool, composed and unruffled. Look at this poor guy he came to this site with all the standard stock abuses that are hurled at malayalis like malayali women being sluts, men being pimps and drunkards blah blah etc. He thought that at the first sign of onslaught malayalis will run away cowering in fright and self loathing. But to his and others utter disappointment that was not to be. In fact what they got in return was too much for them to digest, much more than they ever bargained for. They were reduced to pathetic figures of scorn and self hatred who could do nothing but bark in impotent rage. Generally Indians from other parts of the country think that malayalis are sissys or timid characters who could be steamrolled or bulldozed into submission at the first hint of a fight. But to their utter dismay they found that malayalis are more than willing to give them a taste of their own medicine. It is something similar to the bullying we see in schools where the stronger guys bully the weak timid characters. These guys from bigger sates thought that since malayalis come from a small state, bullying them would be a cakewalk which they found to their dismay was not the case. Now these people will think a thousand times before crossing swords with malayalis. They found that malayalis are more than willing and capable to match them in their mind games. Let me remind these malayali haters that if they are under the delusion that malayalis will start cowering in submission at the first volley of abuses hurled at them, then they are mistaken. In this fight between david and goliath no quarter will be asked for and no quarter will be given.

Anonymous said...

To the coward mentally challenged fellow who said that malayalee girls strip in front of others. Swearing on the honor of malayalee girls I challenge him to say that in front of malayalees. Let that demented fellow post some video or a link to a video where he says this openly to the face of a malayalee. Till then it is safe to assume that females of his community are of questionable character.

Anonymous said...

think of the mentality of the person who will come to a mallu site to swear at them.....with the excuse of warning others. his community, sindhis is the worst of the lot of all communities....poeple cringe at the name of a sindhi and dont want to associate with them in anyway. such a third rate guy has the guts to comment abt mallus who r the most educated ,one of the most brilliant communities in india. the north indian guys keep their wives under humb hold. the kerala guys dont have to prove their masculinity by doing that. narrow mindedness is maximum in the north. most of them are male chauvinistic pigs and they hole themselves in high esteem for being that. i admire the kerala guys who have the guts to give more equality to their wives , sisters and mothers.

Anonymous said...

hey sonny boy my last blog was abt programming and bugs
the stripping part is definitely not mine .

I stick to the dirty malyale wife funda only

Anonymous said...

hey malyali female who said malyalee females give equal rights to there males .
They use there males as fucking servants whose job is to just nod
and cook in the kitchen and do odd errands.

The malyali female doesnt know the meaning of equal rights her meaning of equal rights is earn money and give me dance when i say cook and do errands at home
tell your parents to fuck off coz i am the she bull of this house and you gotta do what i say ..

And if you dont do i am gonna scream torture , cry for commiting suicide do all possible emotional black mail till the poor male succumbs .
So the malyali male has evolved by either succumbing or running away .

Anonymous said...

why only admire the guts of malyali guys you should marry them and make there life miserable instead of taking your dirty attitude and shit pots games to other communities .

Anonymous said...

Ok sonny boy I will take you for your word. Hope that we can carry more meaningful discussion from here. I think if you are knowledgeable and can articulate your thoughts fluently in polite language then we can discuss this whole issue threadbare. I'm not asking you to be polite for the sake of being polite nor also I'm asking you to be a hypocrite and cover up your real feelings. But if the discussion is carried in a language that befits educated minds then maybe we malayalees can know our shortcomings and try to rectify them.

Anonymous said...

who said mallus are the most community , the tamil brahmins are the most intelligent of them all followed by the pune brahmins .

mallus do most of the shit work in dubai or the blue collar work
few exceptions in some fields doesnt make it a generalization .

Education should give you manners and civic sense to behave properly in a group .
Not go abt thrusting your own language on others when standing in a group of non mallus or living with them .
Till you dont have it your education is of no use .

And most of all to all the females like my malyali bitch wife education should teach you to respect elders not show your fucking ego for been a graduate to ordinary guys .
Education is just a degree its attitude which makes one successfull or liked in a group .
Which females like you dont understand coz you are just bitches who know to snipe claw bark demand emotionally blackmail do gold digging thats it .

Anonymous said...

sonny boy i am too small to rectify a community or anyone for that matter .

when i cant rectify the person with whom i live with there is no question of rectifying anyone .

i state what i have experienced and as i said it became more generalized coz of the group of people i have been associated with .

i am fine to been abused in return its normal .

it wont change my perspective just make me stand that people like the malyali female above will stick to there dirty attitude defending it with obnoxious comments abt education etc .

Anonymous said...

Ok that could have been an exaggeration when one poster said that mallus are the most brilliant chaps. But again you must take on the basis of average count. Kerala is a small state that is densely populated with its inherent limitations. Given that fact it has done quite well for itself, I mean it has not become a shit hole like some states in the north. And as for thrusting one's language that is the last thing you can say about malayalees. Maybe you can that for mallus who have been born and brought inside kerala and again that is only when they are interacting with other mallus. But for mallus who have been born and brought outside kerala it is just the opposite. Many times they have been accused of not taking enough pride in their language and culture. It is the only one state that didn't have incidents of regional chauvinism that you find for example in states like Maharashtra, the anti hindi agitation in tamil nadu, the cauvery riots in karnataka for example. Have you ever tried talking with the north indian guys. They will never try to talk in the local languages if they are in south india and not just that they will make fun of the south indian languages and expect the south indians to speak in their hindi.

Anonymous said...

i would only want to get back at this malyalee bitch wife of mine so that she knows that she has been a perfect bitch and there is plain hatred from my side for her her atittude her behaviour and eventually her family .

Right from the day of the marrige this female has ganged up with her group of malyaless and made me feel stupid at takin this decision to marry and side with a female who i thought was against her family but it was stupid i was the one who was the bakra out here .

These guys have slowly and steadily mocked made fun showed off and pressurised me to perform to provide using simple tactics like u cant do this other guys do it provide this for my daughter ,
other husbands do this etc etc .
While this bitch wife of mine was a miserable companion for sure in these 11 years .
Never has she done anyhing but taken full pleasure in cursing that i end up outside a temple selling chappals .
I dunno if her some fucking uncle is cleaning a toilet in dubai he is supp to be a great guy while others are meaningless idiots it seems .

My wife is the worst of her entire siblings lot , all her siblings married folks either earning the same or more and more qualified chaps then them to look for security .
This female in 11 years has done nothing all was taken care of me yet the bitch behaves as if she is a god given boon to me or my family .
i can understand one should be humble but with such females one should crush them and treat them like dirt to show them that they are nothing but a parasite a rascal leech coz if you dontthey will massacre you and your family making life miserable for all .

So boss marry any community girl but leave the malyali girls for the malyali guys itself .
Coz these females cant live without there lingo so let them be with there lingo .

As aamir khan said '' dont waste your time for a girl a bus or a train one goes other comes ''

BTW i am a buff for a bolywood movies , marathi movies , hollywood movies and even south indian movies with sub titles .
cant help it this is how we indian desis are ...

Anonymous said...

Chalo tum uttar bharat ka chora nikla lagta hain ki tumhe dakshin bharat raas nahi aaya hai. are bhai apnay hi jaat biraadri mein shaadi kar liya hota. madrasi ladki se shaadi karoge toh yahi anjaam hoga kyon ki sanskar aur soch mein kaafi farak hair uttar bharat aur dakshin bharat ke beech mein. So you are a north indian guy. Well if you are one then I don't blame you. Because the cultural and linguistic gap is so much that it can cause misunderstandings and loss of trust on the slightest provocation unless one is very careful.

Anonymous said...

i am indian in hindi you call it whatever you want .
Apna to ek hi funda hain east or west india is the best .

boss i dont follow my culture nor linguistic fundas so it implies i dont like to be forced or my kids to be forced to follow other cultures also .

But this funda doesnt go in a malyali females head i guess.

No i have no problems with south indian or north indian females in fact i have had some good experiences with south indian females .....

And malyalee female if stats of education are the only thing you know abt kerala having highest literacy rates then see the other rates also

highest suicide rates in india are in kerala
highest liquor consumption is in kerala in india .

When it comes to income its not generated in kerala its generated abroad in another country working as service labour .

In terms of state productivity kerala doesnt stand close to maharashtra , punjab or gujarat .

So stats doesnt give right or ego to any individual to behave in rude obnoxious behavior to other communities .

And malyalee female that punjabis & sindhis you refer from who came from pakistan it is they who traded there home land so that we in india can live as normal hindus or else you will be one of the 4th or 5th wives of a regional commander in taliban .
Which is yet possible with the way SIMI has gained grownd in kerala .

Dont compare kerala with bihar and Up sonny boy they are managed by shit politicians with huge populations who are too poor coz of no access to resources.

If you wanna compare yourself compare with states like maharashtra , punjab , gujarat who are managed well and have enterprizing people who contribute to it .

A maharashtrain wants to beat a north india coz he sees a person who comes to his state who uses his resources stays amongst them and yet wants to thrust the culture and longo of his home state in maharashtra .
Esp when the dirty Politicians like
abu azmi announced stupid slogans of converting maharashtra to UP .

So its normal for them to react .
Though it was managed by politicians for there growth ,

The ground feeling does exist that you dont come to my state use resource and spit on me .

No one wants someone to come to his house and thrust other persons culture on him .

Anonymous said...

yes the difference in south indians and norht indians or western indians or even eastern indians is that
in north east or west themales marry and take brides home in kerala the guy goes to the females house.

the male the elder of the house in kerala the female is the elder of the house .

in kerala the male cooks and cleans.

and as my dear jhonny lever says ...
In kerala the male runs away from his wife after marrige in north india the females run away .


is that the culture difference you are talking about .

Is respecting elders or behaving properly in front of elders different in cultures ...

Is behaving properly in a marrige ceremony different in cultures

Are females of your community supp to sit and snipe and make fun of elders of other community when there are blatant behavioural holes in there own .

Are females from your community droppped from sky coz kerala has highest literacy ratio for primary school think they dont need to work and other guys are supp to serve them .

Is jet age only means that males should give females equality rights for takin decision or insulting elders or bitching .

But when it comes to earning working for materialistic demands its the male who should do it like 1970s .

Is the culture difference that silly that you sit in someones house and start playing your movie/music loudly with your partner knowing fully well he/she doesnt practice his own lingo why the fuck he has to bear the pain of a alien lingo .

You are so insecure with out your own language and culture that the first thing you do is take a kid and start brainwashinghim with your lingo .

Its called basic manners or civic sense to behave not cultural difference which proper education gives not statistical education.

My fuckin bitch wife used to get my kid on the phone and call up to my house from her mothers house making him say on the phone '' say your granny is a dirty woman , your grandfather is a fox your father is gunda ..''
this was all to blackmail for a seperate house .

The fucking bitch is one pschotic crazy piece of malyali i have seen .
i used to wonder is it all wifes til i read here characteristics of the malyali females for emotional blackmail crude insults and dirty attitudes .

it seems to be a quite a global phenomena .

So stay away from the malyali girl
a tamil or kannadiga or telugu or punjabi , sindhi gujarati marathi anythi is fine leave the malayali for themallus .

Anonymous said...

Actually the 2nd in line is also as you say a madrasi and a marathi
but it will definitely never be a malyali anymore .

So its like galti kiya marrying a malyali not a madrasi female.

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy admitted that kerala is a matriarchal society where females have a major say in the decision making process. And not just that it is only in kerala where the females outnumber the males. Haven't we seen the excesses of patriarchal societies especially in north india where females are treated as door mats, where they cannot venture after dark and where molestation and rape is rampant, where you find honor killings for marrying outside your caste or community not to mention bride burning and dowry tortures. So what is your opinion about states in the north where female fetuses are aborted so much so that jats from haryana are coming to kerala to get married to the kerala females especially from the kannur region. Don't let emotions distort your perspective. Take each case on its own merit, every state has its shortcoming and the state of kerala has too much to mention it here. But if you are not looking at things with a jaundiced viewpoint then I think you can appreciate the fact that mallus haven't wasted the indian tax payers money in maintaining law and order in kerala unlike states like kashmir, assam, once upon a time punjab and UP and Bihar.

Anonymous said...

I have not the slightest intention of standing head and shoulders above others by giving false statistics or comparing kerala with others. I'm comfortable with kerala as it is. It has to carry its own cross. We mallus don't expect others to come to our help. My only argument with the malicious posters was that mallus be given respect as befits one fellow human being if not as an indian. I have gone to various blogs and chat forums where I have defended the asians against the whites, Indians against pakistanis, south indians against north Indians. So when I came to this blog I was shocked to find that my own people could be denigrated in such a shocking casual fashion without an iota of guilt from the posters. It was a revelation for me to know that we Indians ourselves are such a divided lot. I think it has something got to do with general human psychology. When we have bad experiences with people from our own community we tend to dismiss it as an individual folly or shortcoming of that particular person or group of persons but when it comes to having bad experience with people from another community our first instinct is to brand the entire in the light of our personal experience. My only suggestion is that we must have the ability to discriminate between people, we must know how to sift the wheat from the chaff, take each case on its own merit. We must not throw the baby out along with the bath water.

Anonymous said...

There is a correction" our first instinct is to brand the entire community in the light of our personal experience".

Anonymous said...

this 3rd grade North indian B has tortured his wife and ganged up with his parents and tried all the tactics in the world to please their own ego. its only in northindians that the parents of the wife go and fall at their feet whether there is fault and no fault and these guys goes r pleased only then. he has thrown away his educated wife more than 3 times out of the house and once when she was pregnant and made life hell for her. noone can love for that matter like inlaws who has ganged up and supported their errant son and instead of making him realise his mistakes accused her in front of her parents for things which she didnot do and denied any allegations and called her a liar insitead of them admitting to what they did. no one in the world would ever respect such a husband or anyone who has made life hell for her. This guy has not only spoilt 10 yrs of her personal happiness but seen to it that she couldnt start her career for 10 ynrs and put her down and insulted her regarding not earning money. and never ever showed any love or for that matter respect towards her or her feelings . who the F will care for him or anyone who have spoilt this wives life??? elders r respected in all castes and they earn the respect.

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy as you said i would fight for indians anywhere on a blog or in personal life .
I am normal immature indian wanting india to win with pakistan whether it looses the world cup or wanting india to be best in IT and education in the world .
Cry in war movies involving india and mess a ego of a so called COCONUT in front of the whole group who stay abroad and say India is shit .

But past experiences with malyalis or should i say a group of malyalis have changed at least somewhere some perspectives .

About the last entry from a Mother fucking arshole .

what do malyalis go to do in Dubai social service for arabs or to US to do social service for the blacks .
Everyone and more themalyalis only run around for money which even a dumb fuck person can see it .
You low IQ moron .

when did elders start earning respect you fucking malyali female/male ??

Your father or mother had to earn there kids respect by providin them what you fucker ??

that means you all kids are worthless piece of trash for your parents coz you all never earned any respect you were busy screwing up in dubai or some other god forsaken country for your wife or your self .

Most elders are thrown to the dogs by malyalis in native places .

I think the kids are the biggest liabilities in malyalis .

Like my bitch wife from her and her mothers perspective her elderly grand parents are a leech who live on her fathers money ..

This has been repeated to me n number of times .

A fucking family brought up with this attitude shows the 3rd rate upbringing the kids have had .

Fucking piece of bitch that she is my elderly aunt was badly down in bed but this bitch never had the time to see her .

But she was worried abt some guy dying in trichur who was her boyfriends friend whom she never knew and was asking abt him at night 2.30 by calling up abt him .

Look at the 3rd rate bitch that she is .

Above all she blames the family for not caring for the aunt and killing her .
Her tongue talks just the way its mentioned abt malyalis in the list above .

Such females should be smothered up with bare hands .

Its only coz of my kid that i have to tolerate this rascal in my house .

Otherwise i dont even want to stand her for even 1 day .

I think one should leave such rascal parasite bitches for there malyali mates itself .

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy I don't know your wife's version of the story. I'm just going by your version. But supposing your version of the story is true there is still a larger issue involved. The issue of hating somebody. You see hate is an extremely strong emotion like love but with negative repercussions. The emotion of hate keeps many people going, gives them a purpose to live, it is a kind of an emotional kick something similar to a drug induced kick , it intensifies their experience of living albeit in a negative sort of way. I hope you are not one of those persons who love hating for the sake of hating. We can never control the external stimului coming from the outer world but we can always control our responses to them. In other words we have a clear choice before us whether to love or to hate, we can choose our own responses irrespective of the external stimuli. Hate as an emotion is self limiting, it kinds of contracts your personality, you stop evolving as a person, you lose all creativity of mind in addition to hate producing more bile and poison in your system harming your body. What I'm saying is why do you become a helpless victim of circumstances when you have a clear choice to be positive. There are times when we have to deliberately choose to be positive irrespective of what is happening in the external world. Any idiot can be positive and happy when things are going his way but only a man with a real moral courage and a never say die attitude can be positive even in trying circumstances. As they say "when the going gets tough the tough gets going". So when you deliberately harbor positive emotions it is not to impress anybody but it is for your own personal growth, for your own personal mental and physical well being.

Anonymous said...

well i would quote a better bookfor you to read on this

''tough times never last tough people do'' by robert schuller .

Yep i get your point i had basically avoided this issue ignored it and involved more inwork over the last yrs .

now seeing my kid speak malyali like a idiot infront of others made me loose my head .

I would agree one should just let go of such people and look beyond .

no point in wasting time over some people .

So i guess my blog days get over for now and back to work and would be abyebye to my wife also in a few days .

will catch u around sometime here .

challo take care nice arguing with a malyali after a long time with some sense.

Anonymous said...

noone is indespensible int he world......people cut off their gangrenous arm also if thats going to kill them . there should be something good abt the person whom u want to retain back in ur life. i feel i should also let go of this gangrenous limb of mine....which even if i loved once....with all my heart has posined my life so much that i need to cut it off for ever. life would only be better without him for sure

Anonymous said...

yes sonny boy i agree a gangerous arm shuold be cut off .
No one is that indespensible that one should live with it for ever.

There are many girls out there in the ocean .

So guys dont marry a malyali woman leave them for the malyali males .

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy that previous post was not mine but of someone who happens to know you intimately. Anyway that is none of my concern. It was nice talking with you in the sense that it helped me to clarify my own position and made me see where I stand on all such issues which have a universal relevance. You were kind of a sounding board by which I explored my own inner self. In short I was carrying a dialogue with not just you but also with my inner self. And coming back to the issue of hate when I asked you to be positive I'm not telling you to live in some kind of a positive fairy wonderland disconnected from reality. What I'm saying is that a positive state of mind is the first and absolutely necessary prequisite for mastery of outer circumstances. I'm speaking from my own personal experience. When I asked you to abhor hate it is not that I want you to become a gandhi or a mother teresa. I rather believe in the samurai dictum "fight but fight with a smile on your lips". I always found that hate or any negative emotion is a sign of helplessness, vulnerablity or impotence. I would rather like to be in a state of power, a state of control with the boundless energy that comes from the poise of being a conqueror, a person who has mastered his outer and inner circumstances and make them bend to his will. As I said before negative states of mind force you to invest your precious emotional and mental resources on people who are simply not worth it. Hate is a great sucker of energy. It is my personal experience that after the emotion of hate has coursed through my being with all its passion and intensity I feel totally exhausted mentally and emotionally, totally sucked out. In my intrapersonal reationships with people I never allow this vibration of hate to enter my being. My antennae always perks up whenever the vibration of hate starts to enter my system. As I told you before human behaviour is a wonderful mechanism that has been programmed to function in a particular way with clockwork precision and accuracy. Once you understand the mechanism at work you are no longer disturbed by the mechanism but in fact gain a semblance of mastery over that mechanism. Knowledge of human mechanism or human behaviour liberates you and gives you a feeling of tremendous power and mastery.

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy now if we are to suppose that your wife or for that matter malayalis as a whole lot are at fault and you hate them for that what does this mean in a larger context. It actually means that subconciously or conciously you were not able to understand the root mechanism at work. You were disturbed by the superficial or the external mode of malayli behaviour. Malayalis are not people who descened straight from heaven. They are the product of a certain evolution in a certain geographical and historical context. An average malayali cannot but be a malayali and that is the case with every community. I'm not saying that you will find malayali culture and behaviour perfect once you understand the mechanism. What I'm saying is understand the root causes will help you look at malayali behaviour from a detached perspective. And there is no point in getting disturbed over negative people or negative behaviour. Negative people are generally people who are unconcious even as they are awake, they are actually sleepwalking through life, basically they are robots who are functioning maliciously because of faulty programming. So there is no point in getting disturbed over people who are unconcious and sleepwalking through life.It is the positive people who are concious and posses free will in the real sense of the word. Try to conquer or dominate negative people from a state of power where you are cool, calm and composed. But there is one thing your wife cannot be faulted for and that is making your kid learn her language. After all the kid is only learning its mother tongue as millions of kids the world over are doing so. What is wrong in that. I hope you are not a bigoted north indian chauvinist who hates kerala culture and language.

Anonymous said...

well sonny boy one thing is for sure .
You sound more like the zen master now then the avg malyali on the street .

I would agree hatred and anger saps up so much energy that one can devote to work and focus on growth .

So i prefer not been around people who are negative and demanding .

but in my case i cant walk out so easily coz my wife lives in my house .
I guess once she is not in my house i can walk out at least and live peacefully thinking of growth and positive energy as u call it .

Well abt the kid speaking malyali
i think you are not understanding the funda of groupism and isolation .
If seems your funda of fight with a smile is smile and stab in the back
thats not my trait and you can see maybe thats my malyali wifes trait.

i guess thats not the way i like to fight i prefer to take it head on like stupid bull and destroy everyting in front like a bull in china shop .
the typical immature chap as u would say now .

this approach of 3 to 4 people in a team working on a project or a research and 2 characters continue in there own language its more abt isolation politics and lack of civic sense to co exist in a group .
If the 3rd person is protesting its not coz of been a bigot or disliking a culture its abt been treated in isolation .

if i marry a female from another caste is it written on my forehead that i hate my culture or my caste and i have decided to convert to become a malyali .

If i was so crazy abt lingo i would prefer to marry a female from my caste and speak the lingo of my culture .

its abt living in cities cultures are best practiced with people in your domain respecting others cultures but if you are going to thrust your culture on others shouting its the best its gods own country and we are great highest literate etc etc .
its all bull approach of pushing oneself on others thought process.

my bitch wife has not participated in a single cultural event or has been forced to do so by me or my parents or even asked to speak or learn my lingo by me or my parents .
while in order to be the decent SIL i have attended your onams and eaten in you banana leaves etc .

But till i realized that i was been assumed to be the weak guy coz i was decent this bitch was walking over me with her stupid dominance and black mailing attitude .

Now i wouldnt even share a plate with her fuck abt celebrations .

So applying your funda of fight with a smile what does the bitch do start cornering the kid to isolate him .
net result can be a which maybe i or the kid may not like in the near future .
but the bitch never had brains in the first place beyond her personal gains so obviously she cannot see it .

Language and culture are fine tobe enjoyed or shared provided everyone can enjoy it or share it but using it to isolate people which is simply a dirty tactic and has to be abhored not relised .

Anonymous said...

Sonny boy thats what me saying
inter caste marriges not for malyali girl .
A malyali girl is a malyali girl cannot integrate in a normal metro society where people communitcate in state language and english .

Maybe i got misled by a faulty programmed robot or i was that stupid programmer who thought his logic will work sure shot .

nopes i dont hate any language as i said i enjoy my own states language marathi not just coz i enjoy speakin like this to the local marathi girl alone for that matter i would speak tamil also .

But i hate people tryin to isolate others so i prefer to stay away from such people .
Now i got a character like this at home and coz of legal and geographical issues i cant walk out when i want till now .

but i guess now i will try just what the zen master said
fight with a smile .

now it shall be
When in rome do as the romans do .
till now it was always
"" when in rome DO TO THE ROmans""

Anonymous said...

There you go again. I couldn't help but notice the tone of sarcasm in you when you said that it is the nature of malayalees to fight with a smile on their lips. Why is it that you have to distort everything that is said by a malayalee. What I meant about fighting with a smile was that you don't get violent fuming and frothing at the mouth, with your nerves overstrained and finally suffering a breakdown like an overheated engine. When I said fighting with a smile on your lips I meant by that to concentrate your energy like a laser beam on a given task in a cool composed manner.

Anonymous said...


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