Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Google Wave - The Next Big/Best Thing ?

The Google guys are back again with a cool stuff. Now they are talking about something new called Google Wave.

Its realy nice to see the way google surprises everyone. They know how to do it and the reason we are surprised is that, if they unviel something..it will be sensational. few examples are Google search, Gmail, Google Earth... and although Youtube and Orkut is part of Google now, orginaly it was not started by Google.

Am sure this Google wave will make wave among internet users. When i saw the presentation, i was wondering how the google team was able to think beyond the normal convention of email, messengers, sharing etc etc. Now they have integrated it into a single thing... and they have done it beautifully. If the prototype itslef is interesting am sure when they launch it will be a sensation. Lets wait and see..

More about Google wave is here..

Below is the presentation of Google Wave

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