Saturday, June 13, 2009

Remembering the Angamaly police firing - Vimochana Samaram

Reminds me about the " Vimochana Samaram " stories which my father, grandfather and grandulce used to tell me.

Article in Indian Express


Sandhya S.N said...

Informative article. But the worse situation is that the political parties along with the church commemorate their martyr death not for their sake but exploiting their death for the sake of their own benifit. Whom to pity? Martyrs or the so called great leaders and priests?

tharam said...

CIA report says:

"We had twice, but only twice, interfered in Indian politics to the extent of providing money to a political party. Both times this was done in the face of a prospective communist victory in state elections, once in Kerala and once in West Bengal, where Calcutta is located. Both times the money was given to the Congress Party which had asked for it"