Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - Moon Walker -- RIP

Yesterday i heard that shocking news when i was on the way to airport to recieve my brother.

I couldn't believe it.. someone who was very healthy, active, preparing for a comeback tour... died of cardiac arrest?

It was really a shocking mews for me... i was thinking about the article which i read on BBC website the previous day. It stated that Michael Jackson will be using around 3,00,000 Swarovski crystals in his costume for the come back show. Am sure he would have been practising a lot... becasue he has to keep up the expection of his fans who belive he can perform the same way he did in 80's and early 90's.

Whatever the reason for his death... what the world lost is king of pop. Yes its true, there wasnt any other KING OF POP. And although he had to pass through lot of difficulties especialy in his personal life, he was able to hold that title -- King of Pop.

I remmeber my childhood days when we used to watch Michael Jackson songs in 'Doordarshan Metro' channel in TV. At that time there wasnt any cable TV. The only way we were able to watch some pop music was through the 2 hours broadcast of MTV in DD Metro. it was in the eighties. i still remember the "Earth song" . Althought i coundt grasp all the lyrics of that song, i loved the theme, music and visual effects in it. And i still remember the "rewinding of life". Especialy the scence in which the dead man wakes up(eyes open), Dead Elephant grows tusk again etc.

A song which touched me a lot was which was made up by MJs initiative was "We are the world". And when i find more about the story behind the song, the reason why
the song was made, the reason why prominent artists performed for it, how Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie organised it...I belive it showed another face of MJ..not just that of king of pop...but also of someone who loves and care.

Whenever i read something about his personal life..the tragedies, the problems he had..the only reason he was having it was becasue of the burden of being a star in the childhood itslef.. am sure he never had a normal childhood..his life was always that of a star...a burden i would say.. and it deprived him a lot of things..maybe good friends, maybe the experience to face ups and down in life, true value of money. etc. Was that because of his lost childhood days he made "neverland" ??? to get back his child hood...?? no one knows.

when i write this..a feeling of sadness is gripping me..why ? i dont know that becasue world lost king of pop? or is that becase of a child star who was depreived of his childhood?. or is it becasue he was the one made a song like "we are the world".....i dont know....

But am sure that am feeling an emptiness...

Long Live MJ... Rest in Peace. Your songs, your moonwalk, your life,...will live in our heart.

Below are some videos which is worth watching.

"We are the world" - it touched me

Moonwalk -- Amazing, never seen it done better than MJ

The Jackson Five - I Want You Back - Michael jackson (5 years?) and his brothers


indu said...

why cry over a life wasted?
he spent his life away
not saving anything for the future
all his youth he lived recklessly
so give him
au revoir

ബാജി ഓടംവേലി said...

ഓ. ടോ.
ബഹറിന്‍ ബൂലോക മീറ്റിനു വരണം

Sandhya S.N said...

Yea U r right
A life lived without celebration but became a celebrity to the world